The new Kia EV9: a premium electric SUV with three rows of seats and a futuristic design

Nova Kia EV9
Photo: Kia
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New Kia EV9! Kia has unveiled the stunning EV9, an all-electric three-row flagship SUV that combines progressive design, authentic SUV features and cutting-edge technology to redefine the future of family mobility.

The automotive world witnessed the birth of a new thing – New Kia EV9, changing the game: Kia's first three-row electric flagship SUV, Kia EV9. It is a breathtaking vehicle that epitomizes bold design with refined elegance and represents an important milestone in Kia's journey towards sustainable mobility solutions.

New Kia EV9
, drawing inspiration from Kia's 'Opposites United' design philosophy, seamlessly combines the contrasting elements of nature and modernity for a harmonious fusion. Its sleek, sculptural exterior and bold geometry exude confidence, while the interior is the perfect blend of space, comfort and technology. In a way, it strongly resembles a certain Scandinavian brand. Which is definitely not a bad thing!

New Kia EV9
Photo: Kia

Karim Habib, executive vice president and head of Kia's global design center, said: “Kia EV9 plows the fallow, with the goal of redefining the standards for design, connectivity, usability and environmental responsibility. It offers customers an exceptional quality offer and a fresh EV perspective in the family SUV sector.”

Exterior design: a new era of electric SUVs, the new Kia EV9

The exterior of the new Kia EV9 reflects the brand's design pillar of "Bold for Nature," combining rugged performance and understated sophistication to chart a new direction in electric SUV design. Its distinctive 'Digital Tiger Face' front fascia features a 'Digital Pattern Lighting Grill' grille and vertical headlamps that give the vehicle a futuristic and visionary look.

The side profile displays a distinct SUV identity with exceptional aerodynamic efficiency, while the rear is defined by the clean lines of the tailgate and narrow taillights that mirror the shape of the front end, reinforcing the EV9's powerful stance.

Interior design: unmatched space, comfort and experience - the new Kia EV9

The interior of the EV9 embodies Kia's 'Technology for Life' design philosophy, which prioritizes space, comfort and technology for all occupants. EV9, built on Kia's Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), offers plenty of space in all three rows of seats and provides saloon-style comfort for every passenger.

Available in six- and seven-seat configurations, the EV9 incorporates feedback from families to ensure the same space, comfort and experience for all passengers. The second-row seats can rotate 180 degrees for seamless interaction with third-row passengers, who also have access to cup holders and charging points for mobile devices.

The open, floating panoramic dashboard features two 12.3-inch touchscreens and a 5-inch segment display, reducing the number of physical buttons and allowing easy control of vehicle functions. The center console boasts plenty of storage options, further enhancing the cabin's sophistication.

The world awaits: Kia EV9 ready to transform mobility

The EV9 should have its world premiere at the end of March, and it will be accompanied by the slogan "Here to transform the way we move." Stay tuned for more product information and the launch of Kia's global campaign as the EV9 prepares to revolutionize the family SUV market.

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