They were only shown once: the secret talents of celebrities

They were only shown once: the secret talents of celebrities

Like "ordinary" people, celebrities also have several talents, but they focus on only one, which the world knows them by and which brings them the means of survival. Who would have thought that one day these celebrities will show the public other tricks up their sleeve, among which there are some that can easily be classified as bizarre.

For celebrities you met because of their film roles, musical or fashionable careers…, you probably think they have just one talent, which they apparently cashed in on. It makes perfect sense that they are build a career in that field, on which they are the best, but that doesn't mean they haven't yet what an ace up his sleeve.

Even if some are talents, which you will see below, bizarre, one thing is clear – these stars will have no problem doing another one work!


Zac Efron

Zac Efron has become a more prominent actor in 2018, and his fame is clearly not waning, as it will be viewers could watch this year as well on large and small screens. Besides having a fit body, Zac can do “the human flag” on any pole.

Jessie J

British singer-songwriter Jessie J she drove the world crazy with hers strong by voice, and she also surprised many in the Graham Norton Show, in which she showed that she could z he sings with his mouth closed so good that you can he understands every word.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson fans especially fell in love with a pair with a sadomasochist Christian Grey, because she impressed with hers charm. It is interesting that he has so a large space between the teeth, so that he can reconcile between them a whole bunch of stuff – money, bank card, charger cable...

Hailey Baldwin

Model and TV personality Hailey Baldwin became even more recognizable in the world when married to star Justin Bieber. The musician obviously likes "real girls" because his wife can opens a bottle of beer with his teeth. Ouch!

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul, which took years 2014 with the film Desire for Speed (Need for speed) made it to the list of famous actors, he has an insane talent - blindfolded he can recognize the gender of the dog, namely so that pats on the back.

Margot Robbie

Harley Quinn proved that her role in Signed off the stage it certainly belongs, as it can supposedly last 5 minutes under water, not to caught my breath. He is also involved in tattooing, but, as he admits, desperate tattoo artist.

Cara Delevingne

Cara it is not merely known model and an actress, but also beatboxer. She impressed fans so much with her talent that someone in the comments asked, is there anything this girl can't do.

Justin Bieber

A musician, who won the hearts of girls from all over the world, is on the show Carpool Karaoke with James Corden showed that he could quickly solve the rubik's cube puzzle. How much time do you need?


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