Pack-Man Google Maps - for April 1st, Google turned the streets into an arcade maze

Pack-Man took to the streets in Google Maps.

For April 1st, Google has taken Google Maps and turned it into a Pack-Man arcade game. The streets have thus turned into a labyrinth, and the game of our youth can be played on our doorstep (the advantage of the "home playground") or in a location of our own choice. Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde can also be avoided on the Champs-Élysées or in Times Square, and everything is accompanied by the famous musical background.

Did you know that today you can April 1st, an arcade game Pack-Man you play in Google Maps? This is not the first time that Google has treated itself to Google Maps on this day, as last year we were able to hunt Pokemon. You can also play it via a mobile application, but the locations are limited, while you can choose any via computer.

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Pack-Man took to the streets in Google Maps.
Pack-Man took to the streets in Google Maps.

Meander through the streets with a cute yellow ball and avoid ghosts while you can, as it will only be available for a short time. Goodbye today's lunch, today we are "eating" Pac balls.

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On Google Maps as usual, type the location, and for arcade mode, select the Pac-Man icon at the bottom left.

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