Plantable Paper Coffee Pots #Kickstarter

Paper coffee pots with seeds.

Takeaway coffee is also becoming more and more popular in our country, which means that more and more paper pots end up in the trash cans. Even if you separate, paper fibers cannot be recycled forever, and sooner or later they will not return from the waste. That's why they're with Reduce. Reuse. Grow. looked for a solution and found it in fibers from recycling plants, which are too coarse for new processing, mixed seeds with them and made pots that you can plant after use. Just drop a few euros into their "pot" on Kicstarter.

Company Reduce. Reuse. Grow. has produced special paper coffee pots (with the texture of pancakes), which are even more than biodegradable and environmentally neutral, as they also contain seeds, with which they even affect the environment cushioning. All these pots, sown, in America alone, where over 146 million paper coffee pots are used annually (and are part of the problem), would absorb within a year over one ton of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus became part of the solution.

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So it's a long way off the most ecologically colored coffee pots in the world. And if we decide to throw them away, there's nothing wrong either, because they will last 180 days of them only seeds remain, and the rest will turn into food for other plants. Earth needs them, Reduce. Reuse. Grow. but they need you to support their project, which is "germinating" on Kickstarter.

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