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Young researcher at the Jože Štefan Institute, director of the AOP department at Banka Slovenije, informatics inspector in the banking supervision department and, finally, head of IT and the information systems audit group at the international consulting and auditing company C & L. Bodyshaping studio...

Young researcher at the Jože Štefan Institute, director of the AOP department at Banka Slovenije, informatics inspector in the banking supervision department and, finally, head of IT and the information systems audit group at the international consulting and audit company C & L. Bodyshaping studio somewhat strangely continues this list ?
The idea for the Bodyshaping studio was born while skiing in Krvavec. At that time, I was already living an active life and correcting the mistakes of my previous stressful and tiring life, when I weighed 120 kg and drank beer in the evenings. I decided to start doing what I love to do in such a way that I can still earn something from it.

What does a computer science major think about when he lifts weights?
Lifting weights is only one of the paths that lead to the goal of being active or sports and healthy lifestyle. I don't enjoy lifting weights too much, so I usually "disconnect" completely.

So weights aren't your fetish?
It's not about weights... and no, I don't have any fetishes.

In your life, you exchanged a stressful 12-hour workday for exercise 6 times a week. Do you usually jump from one extreme to another in life?
I push only those things that make me happy to the extreme. So that I wouldn't say I'm just jumping. My experiences so far have led me to this path. When I started exercising regularly, it was a lifestyle change. Now I prefer to exercise in the evening than to have a beer, and on Sunday afternoon I prefer to eat two crackers and go for a bike ride than to have a big Sunday lunch. Otherwise, I still work in or for the Bodyshaping studio from 6 to 12 hours a day.

The Bodyshaping studio offers vibration training, classic weight training, cardio trainers, IR sauna, selective weight loss and healthy breathing Airenergy+. Probably everyone is most impressed by the quick workout you offer?

We are not talking about fast training here, but about a system that allows people in today's pace of life to achieve their goals in the most optimal way in a relatively short time in the time they devote to training.

How do you see the future of fast-paced life? After a long day at work, will people come to the gym to get in shape and go home only to sleep?

Those who are aware will go to the gym, while those who are not aware will "eat, drink and sleep". Life expectancy is increasing and the pension system will collapse in the future. It probably follows that we will work until we die. To die healthy is, I deeply believe, much better than to die sick and helpless. Already in antiquity, they knew that a healthy spirit can only reside in a healthy body.

What is it that you missed in other centers and therefore created in yours?
I have a lot of experience with other centers, as I have changed them a lot. Many times I practiced monotonously on the equipment until I got bored. I have discovered that a personal trainer is extremely important. In my studio, a personal trainer is always included in the training package. I also introduced hourly ordering. In the larger centers, I waited in line in the afternoon to practice on certain equipment. This should not happen, because you have specific time breaks during your training. In addition, you have limited time, you want to quickly finish the exercise and leave. Our space is also designed for only a few people at a time, because most people like intimacy or only a few people around them. When you pay, you want something constant for your money: the same environment, the same smile, the same coach, the same people around you, but not to be surprised by what's happening every time you come.

Bodyshaping studio is designed very carefully according to the latest trends. What vision do you have for the center in, say, 2020?

Bodyshaping studio is a brand and will surely evolve and still look trendy in 2020. The only thing that probably won't change is that there are no shortcuts here.

After exercise, nutrition is also extremely important. Where would you take your client for a healthy post-workout lunch and where would you go for culinary delights yourself?
You have to choose a healthy lunch from the menu in any restaurant, if of course they offer fresh and cooked food or grilled dishes. I myself like to go to Sushi or Cuba, and my children even drag me to McDonald's and a horseburger, but I try to choose dishes with as little fat as possible.

Does your sports equipment ever get replaced by a kitchen apron?

Regularly. Cooking is one of my hobbies and family duties. I've been cooking since I was little. My grandmother started teaching me. I have several meters of cookbooks and I have prepared something from each one.

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"Weights are not my fetish, because the point is not in the weights... and no, I don't have any fetishes."

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