PIQ: sensor for precise analysis of skiing and snowboarding

Sensor for skiers Piq

Rossignol and the PIQ company have prepared a special PIQ pocket sensor for all technology-conscious skiers, which puts skiers on par with sports such as running and cycling, where every movement or turn of the athlete is subjected to analysis and statistics. The sensor measures the movement of the skier and records every detail of the ride (measured on 13 axes), which can later be analyzed with a mobile application and, based on the information, improve skiing technique.

Ski season is open and for all technology enthusiasts Rossignol and society PIQ developed specially PIQ sensor, which will equalize skiers with runners, cyclists and fitness users in terms of "technological rights". A special sensor with sensors down to the last detail analyzes skiing and everything too mischief in the air. The device, which is attached to the body armor, measures the movement of the legs or the ski boot.

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Sensor with PIQ sensors measures the number of runs and turns, length of the turn, lateral acceleration, speed, height meters, pressure force of the skis on the snow surface and so on, and also complete it perfectly jump analysis (jump rotation, time in the air, force on landing...). We access the data with a mobile app (for iOS and Android), and with the analysis we can improve our skiing technique as a result. You will have to pay for the sensor 149 euros, if you want to use PIQ also in other sports (football, tennis...), but you will have to pay an additional 49 euros for the upgrade.

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