The most bizarre alcoholic drinks in the world

Bizarre alcoholic beverages

You have probably tried many alcoholic drinks in your life, including tequila with worms. But such a drink is for mollusks compared to the bizarre alcoholic drinks that you will meet below. Would you dare to try a whiskey with a cobra swimming in it? You'd probably have a lot less trouble with pizza-flavored beer…

If you thought tequila with worms was something special, you're right. Bizarre alcoholic beverages, which you will get to know below, are only for the bravest and those who have a fetish for bizarre tastes.

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You're such a hero to screw up the hottest vodka in the world, bacon flavored vodka, blue beer, unicorn tear liqueur? Attention! Some drinks are only for those with really good stomachs. And not only when it comes to taste...

The most bizarre alcoholic drinks in the world:

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