Prize draw: Durex Christmas gift pack

Durex prize draw

The time for gift-giving and magical moments is fast approaching, and with Durex research finding that over half of people look forward to reconnecting with their partner, one in six want to spend more time trying new things in the bedroom, this time we are giving you three Durex Christmas gift packs. To make your hidden wishes come true more easily.

A time of gift giving and magical moments is coming unstoppably, that's why they're in the company Durex prepared a survey in which people were asked about Christmas wishes and gift giving. The survey found that while people enjoy the holidays because of going on vacation (44 %), decorating their homes with Christmas decorations (35 %) and receiving gifts (34 %), more than half are most excited about opportunities to reconnect with their partner. One in six respondents (15 %) wants to spend more time trying new things in the bedroom.

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Durex sex and relationship expert Susan Quilliam says: "While the run-up to the holidays can be a very busy part of the year, try to use the time off to spending quality time with your partner. Christmas time can bring a lot of excitement, so take advantage of this new energy and adventurousness and give it a try something new in the bedroom too.” This year, forget about predictable gifts and instead give your partner something seductive and surprising. Try writing your own short a sexy story, which should be read aloud by your partner, or wrapped in gift paper, allow your partner to unwrap you and indulge in a seductive Christmas treat!

Together with Durex, we give you a gift 3 Christmas packages, which each contain one a pack of condoms Durex RealFeel, one lubricant Durex Saucy Strawberry and one Durex RealFee lube.

The giveaway is closed!

According to a Durex survey, the correct answer to the question of what makes people look forward to Christmas the most is B: because, opportunities to reconnect with their partner.

They receive the award Julija Krizaj, Aleš Strelec and Eva Maganja. Congratulations! Winners will be notified of the prize by e-mail.

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