Running: how to easily run 10 kilometers

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Are you ready for the first 10 kilometers? For every beginner runner, this is the first real milestone - to run 10 kilometers. For experienced runners, this number is not a big burden, but for a beginner, this kind of distance can be a source of fear and respect.

How do I know I can run 10 kilometers?

It's relatively easy to figure out when you will capable of passing set distance. If you regularly train for shorter runs distances of 3 to 5 km three times a week and your body sweats in the gym - doing strength exercises or doing other sports activities you can be confident that you have the ability to face such a challenge.


In addition to running, it is muscle strengthening important part of training in preparation for a long run. Exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, back exercises will help you to better running results. It is important, however, to "listen to your body" during training, because it also needs rest. Overloading your body can do you more harm than good.


What can you expect?

If you are at running beginner, it is important to run short distances three times a week for the first weeks - from 3 to 5 km. In the beginning, you will probably combine running with they walk, but later on your running will become easier and you will also increase the distance. Above all, it is important to persevere and not give up and think about giving up.

Running is often conditioned by psychological preparation, so be persistent here. As you gain fitness, it is important to gradually change the pace of your run, as this increases your endurance.

What do you need to run 10 kilometers?

In addition to basic stamina, you also need necessary equipment, i.e. suitable running shoes and comfortable clothes. When it comes to running clothes, it's important that you feel comfortable in them and that you can move well in them. When it comes to running shoes, it is worth seeking advice from a specialist store. The right choice of running shoes protects you from improper loads and rubbing.

You also need a good watch, a stopwatch or a heart rate monitor. If you are in doubt about the purchase, your smartphone, which records your activity, will also be sufficient for this type of measurement. It is also recommended that you download a running app to your phone that track your progress. Above all, you need a structured training plan, persistence and will. Running 10 kilometers can be your first real sporting challenge. So prepare well for it, follow the plan and you will be there soon raised their fists in the air in victory.


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