Sailing into the future: Candela & Polestar unveil revolutionary electric hydrofoil boat

An electric boat that is a hydrofoil

Photo: Polestar & Candela

Get ready to sail into a new era of sustainable boating with the Candela C-8 powered by a Polestar battery pack. This state-of-the-art vessel is the first result of a partnership between top Swedish mobility brands Candela and Polestar and is set to change the boating industry with its electric drive and advanced hydrofoil technology.

C-8 candle boasts battery s 69 kWh and direct current charging technology, the same as the Polestar 2 Standard range, which allows the speedboat to reach up to 57 nautical miles on a single charge at a cruising speed of 22 knots. This is a game changer for electric boating, finally making it possible to reach destinations previously only accessible with internal combustion engine boats. So comparable range.

Photo: Polestar & Candela

"With batteries from Polestar, it becomes C-8 candle the first electric vessel capable of traveling to destinations previously only accessible by combustion engine boats. C-8 candle, which drives it A half-year-old, represents an important breakthrough for electrification at sea," says Gustav Hasselskog, CEO and founder of Candela.

But at Candles C-8 it's not just about power. It also has an efficient direct drive motor that manages to lift the hull above the water at high speeds, which reduces power consumption up to 80 % compared to traditional powerboats. It is a combination of innovative technology Candela and A half-year-old, which enables this high performance at sea. And the long range of the speedboat.

Photo: Polestar & Candela

Polestar also supplies DC fast charging technology for C-8 candle and shares research and development capabilities to integrate technology and software into a maritime application that transfers it from land to sea.
“Sharing knowledge and experience about batteries and vehicle engineering with the company Candela will help achieve our common goal of transitioning to a future where all forms of transport are sustainable," he says Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar.
For A half-year-old it is the first step in expanding efforts to promote sustainable electric mobility beyond the automotive industry. And for Candelo, this is the beginning of a new era in boating. Get ready to sail into the future with the Candela C-8 powered by Polestar.

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