Say goodbye to cellulite: This homemade massage eliminates cellulite

Anti-cellulite massages

Homemade massage eliminates cellulite
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Did you know that home massage can eliminate cellulite? Anti-cellulite massages are a popular method of reducing the appearance of cellulite. They work by increasing blood circulation and breaking down fatty deposits, which helps to smooth the surface of the skin. Although professional massages can be expensive, you can easily perform an anti-cellulite massage at home in the comfort of your own home.

Which domestic massage eliminates cellulite, we reveal below.

Cellulite is a common condition that affects both men and women and causes a dimpled and lumpy appearance to the skin. It is caused by the accumulation of fatty deposits under the surface of the skin, which press on the connective tissue and create a wrinkled appearance. Although there is no cure for cellulite, regular exercise, a healthy diet and massage can help reduce its appearance. In this article, we will look at which home massage eliminates cellulite and how they can help improve the appearance of your skin.

Anti-cellulite massages can be performed at home.
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Homemade massage eliminates cellulite

1. Manual home massage eliminates cellulite

Regular massage with anti-cellulite oils helps reduce cellulite. The combination of herbs and oils applied to the surface of the skin will penetrate the skin and begin to break down cellulite, and the most important aspect of hand massage is the correct movements. If your goal is to get rid of cellulite, don't be afraid to use force. This massage is a must perform with firm and powerful movements. This is because you are working to stimulate blood circulation to combat the water retention that causes cellulite. A wide variety of techniques can be used, including punches, circular motions, and pinching.

The general rule when performing anti-cellulite massages is their direction. Yours the movements should be towards the heart, from bottom to top, and massage the buttocks with clockwise circular motions. Start at the hips and move towards the thighs and then back to the hips. Such intensive hand movements stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. 15 to 20 minutes of manual massage a day is enough to eliminate cellulite on the legs and thighs.

2. Massage for lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage massage is a technique that moves lymph, the fluid responsible for fighting bacteria and inflammation in the body, towards the lymph nodes. These nodes then filter the lymph and remove any toxins from the body. Lymphatic drainage jis really powerful for toning the legs and removing excess water, to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Although the blows are gentler than in a "normal" manual anti-cellulite massage, this treatment can be really strong. It is important to follow the direction of the lymphatic flow when massaging the skin in order to achieve the effect of lymphatic drainage.

3. Dry brushing

This method is very controversial because some people love it and some say it's a waste of time. However, it is dry brushing an invaluable type of help in dealing with cellulite, as its main benefits are exfoliation and skin detoxification. It helps promote normal lymph flow in the body. You can too reduces the appearance of orange skin, if the main causes of cellulite in your case are hormonal imbalance and an excess of toxins.

Dry brushing is an invaluable aid in dealing with cellulite, as its main benefits are exfoliation and skin detoxification.
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How to do this anti-cellulite massage?
First, you need one high-quality brush. The skin should never be scratched or damaged in any way. Dry brush your skin before showering to stimulate blood and lymph flow, remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal. It is recommended that you start from the feet and work your way up, in the direction of the heart. When it's your arms' turn, start with your arms and work your way up to your shoulders. You can move in a circular motion or use firm, short upward strokes. Massage the abdomen and buttocks in a clockwise direction. This massage is best repeated three to four times a week, so it's incredibly easy to incorporate into your beauty routine. Most experts recommend dry brushing in the morning, rather than before bed, as they believe it has energizing properties.

4. Cupping home massage eliminates cellulite

This massage improves blood circulation and instantly revitalizes the skin. What exactly is cupping? It is an anti-cellulite massage in which they are used silicone cups, which apply directly to the skin and create a vacuum. Then let the cups slide over the body and activate circulation and break down fat deposits that cause cellulite. Vacuum cups help stimulate circulation and promote the detoxification process. The consequence of this is general reduction of water retention. Vacuum massage with silicone cups can rejuvenate and tighten the skin for a healthier appearance. Cupping is said to help in reducing the visibility of stretch marks and minor scars and in weight loss.

It is an anti-cellulite massage, in which silicone cups are used, which are applied directly to the skin and create a vacuum.
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How to do a cupping massage?
Start the routine with a body scrub. Then apply some body oil – olive, coconut or any other oil of your choice. It will help lubricate the area where you will use the massage cup. This step is very important to prevent bruising and skin damage, so apply plenty of oil. Then simply place the cup in the desired location, gently squeeze its base to create a vacuum and move it in a circular motion for a few minutes. Make sure the cups are constantly in movement to avoid bruising. If you feel pain, try squeezing it slightly to loosen the vacuum a bit. Ideally, you want to see your skin turn red and warm without experiencing severe pain. Also, be careful and avoid using vacuum cups in places where you have visible veins.

5. Peeling with coffee

Another method to reduce the visibility of cellulite on the legs is exfoliation with coffee. It's caffeine the most common and effective ingredient anti-cellulite cream and mask. It has a tightening effect and removes accumulated water and fatty tissue. This method is very useful for anyone who has a lot of cellulite. You can also use pure ground coffee, as it has an incredible effect when massaging your feet. Also, some suggest mixing coffee with cane sugar and coconut oil, but you can also use ground coffee alone. Keep it in a glass container in the bathroom so you don't forget to do this exfoliating massage every time you shower. Massage the skin for a few minutes with firm pressure and circular movements. After you're done showering, you can apply essential oil to problem areas to stimulate circulation and lymph.

Make your own homemade coffee scrub. Caffeine is the most common and effective ingredient in anti-cellulite creams and masks
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6. Massage with rollers

Massagers can really be an excellent assistant in home anti-cellulite massage. You may feel a slight pain during the roller massage. This is completely normal and actually means you are doing everything right. One is enough for this massage a simple anti-cellulite massage roller and movements in the direction of the heart. Handheld massagers like the roller really work and are affordable. Many of them are also multi-purpose tools that can help you eliminate neck and back pain.

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