Science reveals a big mystery: what attracts women most in men

Kaj ženske najbolj privlači pri moških?
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There are certain little things that women find attractive in men and for some reason, many men do not understand this. What attracts women most in men?

In today's world, it is attractiveness a very important feature when looking for a partner. But let's ask ourselves what attracts women most in men? While opinions on what makes a man attractive may differ between women, there are some general traits that often come across as attractive.

What attracts women most in men?

1. Respect

Women appreciate men who respect and pay attention to them. Those who consider their opinion and feelings.

2. Attention to detail

Women appreciate it when men pay attention to the little things, such as choosing flowers, opening the door, sending a good morning message.

What attracts women most in men?
Women like small attention. Photo: Jeremy Banks/Unsplash

3. Self-confidence

Women are often attracted to a man who is comfortable in his own skin and doesn't try too hard to prove his masculinity or status.

4. Caring for others

Men who pay attention to other people, such as friends, family or animals, show a woman that they are compassionate and caring and that they are reliable partners.

5. A sense of humor

The meaning of humor it can be a very attractive trait because a man can use his humor to make a woman happy and show her that she can be relaxed with him.

What attracts women most in men?
women love flowers. Photo: Kseniya Petukhova / Unsplash

6. Intelligence

Smart men can be very attractive because women value the ability to converse and engage in intellectual debate.

7. Authenticity

Women often appreciate men who are authentic and true to themselves. This means that a man does not try to be someone else, but accepts himself and expresses his personality in an authentic and sincere way.

8. Reliability

Women look for men who are reliable and can support them in life. This may include the ability to commit and accept responsibility, to keep promises.

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