McLarn Senna Sempre
Photo: amalgamcollection.com

McLaren Senna Semper Special Edition: Perfection in 1:8 Scale Miniature for $21,385

Exclusive 1:8 scale model of McLaren Senna

What's better than owning a McLaren Senna? You have the opportunity to own a complete 1:8 scale model that costs almost as much as a new car. Read on if you dare.

When McLaren decided to commemorate the legend of Ayrton Senna with a special edition Senna Semper, the result was a true work of art on four wheels. However, although not for sale, you can take home a piece of this history in the form of an exact 1:8 scale replica, created by Amalgam. Costing a whopping $21,385 (about the same as a new Chevrolet Trax), this replica is more than just a toy for big kids—it's a tribute to engineering and art.

Photo: amalgamcollection.com
Photo: amalgamcollection.com
Photo: amalgamcollection.com

Miniaturized perfection

McLaren presented the Senna Semper at this year's Monaco Grand Prix, painted with a unique painting that required countless hours of handwork. Amalgam took the challenge to a new level and created a 1:8 replica that is nothing short of stunning. Each of the 30 pieces is handcrafted and perfectly recreates every detail, including the dot-matrix portrait of Senna on the rear fenders. It's almost impossible to tell a replica from a real car unless you have a magnifying glass.

Amazing attention to detail

It took 3,000 hours of work to build the model – this includes designing and manufacturing all the parts. Each replica requires an additional 300 hours of hand assembly to ensure accuracy and quality. The model's interior is also detailed, visible through the open doors, and the twin-turbocharged V8 engine is clearly visible under the bonnet. Even the brake systems, shod in Pirelli tires, are accurately reproduced, including the cross-drilled rotors.

Photo: amalgamcollection.com
Photo: amalgamcollection.com

A tribute to the F1 icon

This special edition is a show piece that can be admired in a museum or in the living room of a true car enthusiast. McLaren will debut the full car at the Monaco Grand Prix, where Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri will drive their MCL38s with the same livery. Amalgam replicas will also be available to view and purchase, but only 30 lucky people will have the chance to add them to their collection.

Price and exclusivity

For many of us, the price is $21,385 stunning for a car model, but for true collectors and Ayrton Senna fans, this is a priceless piece of history. So if you're willing to invest that much in a piece of automotive art, this miniaturized McLaren is sure to be the highlight of your collection.


In a world where the dream of owning a supercar is just that - a dream - for most people is Amalgam with his McLaren Senna Sempre replica offered something achievable, though still expensive. This model is not just a toy; is a tribute to the legend and the masterful work of the engineers and artists who went to great lengths to create something truly special. If you can afford this model, you can also afford a piece of automotive history that will forever shine in your collection.

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