Starlink Roam: The Global Internet for Adventure Travellers

Starlink Roam
Photo: Starlink

SpaceX's Starlink has rebranded its Starlink RV service into a new Starlink Roam package, offering a global internet roaming package for great connectivity on the go.

Starlink has launched Starlink Roam, a global roaming option for its Internet service aimed at motorhomes and global travelers, which aims to provide better connectivity for travelers in remote areas. Where there is no internet now. The new package is available for $200 per month and requires a $599 portable terminal.

Starlink, part of SpaceX, a satellite Internet service, has announced a new global roaming package called Starlink Roam. The company is known for providing internet connectivity in areas with limited or no access to traditional internet services. Starlink Roam allows users to take their satellite terminal anywhere in the world. This new offer is aimed at travelers visiting locations with unreliable or no internet connection. But they depend on her. Here, Starlink mainly targets digital nomads.

The global hosting package is slightly more expensive than the regional option, with a monthly fee of $200 compared to $150 for the regional version. The original price of Starlink's RV service was $135 a month, but it went up in February.

To use the global roaming feature, customers must purchase a $599 portable terminal that does not allow an Internet connection while the vehicle is in motion. For those who want to use Starlink while their vehicle is in motion, the 2500 $ Flat High Performance Terminal is available. However, this option is only compatible with a regional subscription that is “geographically restricted to work on land within the same continent as your registered shipping address.”

If you plan to use Starlink Roam in a foreign country for more than two months, please note that you may need to change your registered address.

Last month, Starlink started sending emails about the upcoming global roaming option. It is important to note that the availability of these services is subject to regulatory approvals as Starlink is still working on getting permission to offer internet connectivity in some countries such as India.

As Starlink continues to expand its satellite network for better coverage, users may still experience "short periods of poor or no connectivity" in certain areas. However, the launch of Starlink Roam marks a significant step forward in providing reliable internet access for adventure travelers around the world.

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