Swincar - the most unusual all-terrain vehicle in the world

SwinCar all-terrain vehicle

Swincar is the most unusual all-terrain vehicle in the world. The electric "quad", which resembles a spider, is not stopped by any terrain, because the independent suspension for each wheel separately and the body, which moves separately from the chassis, allow it to cope with terrains that until now seemed impassable.

"Auto-Spider" Swincar is most unusual all-terrain vehicle in the world, from which even SUVs can hide due to their agility. The electric Swimcar actually transports you over all possible terrains for which it has to thank its agile chassis and wheels that move independently one from the other. So it is not just another quoda (in loose translation, this is a vehicle for all types of terrain), but a unique vehicle with a separate suspension system, which harnesses the power of the swing effect to neutralize forces when dealing with overcoming obstacles, rough terrain, sharp inclines, banks, etc. and also when it "only" goes through a bend. But why bore you with technical details when you can see its capabilities in practice.

The fact that the body of the vehicle and the wheels each react in their own way, increases both comfort and grip and even in places that seem impassable. But only until now. The "body" tilts when turning, similar as a motorcycle leans, when going through a bend, but staying in a straight position when overcoming obstacles, hard work finding a balance but it does the undercarriage, which (makes) sure that you don't tip over.

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And when we said that the Swincar is an all-terrain vehicle, we didn't use the label lightly, but literally. In snowy conditions it can replace wheels with skis as well as tracks.

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