The best air fryer: a great choice for healthy food preparation

The best air fryer

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With an air fryer, you can enjoy preparing a meal and forget about cleaning the kitchen. With it, your dishes will be healthier, less caloric and fatty, and at the same time very tasty and crunchy. If you are still not sure what an air fryer is and why it has become so popular, we will reveal it to you in this article.

What is an air fryer?

The trendy hot air fryer is a fairly simple cooking and baking machine. With it, you can prepare different types of food that are usually baked in the oven or on hot oil.

How an air fryer works

The fryer contains a fan that circulates the food cooks evenly. Rapid air heating technology enables frying, roasting and grilling use little or no oil. You can with a fryer cook almost all dishes and quickly, from meat, fries, desserts, vegetables. With its action, it contributes to a high level of fat removal and enables a much healthier diet. During the defatting process, the food still retains its essence, taste and quality.

How air fryers are made

The device is made of plastic, which allows safe and healthy use. The interior is lined with high-quality material that is resistant to high temperatures. The container in which you cook contains non-stick coating. Its cleaning is extremely quick and easy.

In the case of a hot air fryer, the technology of rapid heating of the air enables frying, roasting and baking in which you use little or no oil.
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The popularity of the air fryer

They became popular mainly because food preparation is quick and easy, and baking has the same result as traditionally with oil and fats. Because it is healthy eating has become the awareness of most people, it is no surprise that deep fryers are becoming a very popular kitchen appliance.

How to choose an airfryer

There are many devices on the market with different features and prices. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying basic parameters, such as the baking temperature, which should not be lower than 200 degrees, the volume of the baking basket, the temperature setting, the fan power, the timer and the heating time. The prices of the devices are of course different, as there are more technologically advanced and powerful models.

The best air fryers - hot air fryers

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