The Lost Future: Apple's Treasury of '80s Prototype Devices

Recently published photos of prototypes and product concepts from the 80s of the last century suggest that Apple has been dreaming about certain devices for quite some time, and then realized them. Among the concepts of that time, we can find phones, tablets and devices for which we still don't have a name today. The collection of images presents an extremely interesting insight into the history of this company, which has always placed great emphasis on the design and functionality of its products.

Apple's focus in the field of design has always been a key factor that differentiates this company from the competition. They are not in the displayed collection only designs, which there are Apple created by himself, but among them are some concepts of a well-known design company Frog, who worked with Apple in the 80s. Thus, the company's design approaches must impress Apple left Frog-'s designer Hartmut Esslinger, which is responsible for the company's snow-white color language Apple. By using white, soft edges and rounded corners, and diagonal lines, the designer wanted to optically reduce the products.

Esslinger recently revealed in his book that he is responsible for being Steve Jobs adopted the "design first" philosophy and the "keep it simple" design approach. Judging by what is shown in the gallery, we can believe him.

"View a large gallery of Apple prototypes"

Did you know? Apple Inc. is an American company that produces tablets and personal computers with its own operating system, smartphones, mobile music players, etc. The headquarters of the company is at Infinite Loop 1 in the city Cupertino in California.

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