The Sanubari: a remote paradise where tradition meets modernity on an unspoilt Indonesian island

Discover the hidden gem of Sumba

Photo: The Sanubari
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If you've ever dreamed of complete island isolation, where you'd have the opportunity for self-exploration and connection with unspoiled nature, then Sanubari is your next travel destination. On Sumba, one of the last wild corners of Indonesia, which is just gaining recognition among travelers, there is this hidden oasis.

Aloofness – The Sanubari – is part of its great charm. You land in Bali and then take a one-hour flight to Tambola, the main entry point of western Sumba. From here, it's another two-hour plane ride south until you finally arrive at Sanubar's palm-strewn resort and beach. What awaits you there is worth your effort: an almost three kilometer long white sand beach, surrounded by rice fields and rocky cliffs, in complete wilderness far from civilization.

Story "The Sanubari” is just as fascinating. It was a visit for a long time Suspects synonymous with paying a huge sum of rupees to stay in the haven of the rich – Nihi, or for a modest stay in one of the basic guesthouses along the coast. Rowan and Micha Burn, the British-Australian couple who live in Bali and are behind Sanubar, saw this as an opportunity for something in between. For homeliness and boutiqueness.

The Sanubari
Photo: The Sanubari

Sanubar's six spacious villas on the coast are a white dream fantasy with sliding glass doors, which reveal a stunning view of the ocean. The buildings boast local bamboo elements and crafted cream marble roofs and floors. Inside, they are minimalistically furnished with Sumbanese features: tapestries on the walls, handmade wood and stone carvings, and wicker and teak furniture. Also, each villa has its own pool.

Sanubar's beachfront restaurant offers a short but well-executed menu of local dishes - nasi goreng, rendang, satay - peppered with plenty of traveler favorites such as hearty salad bowls with local vegetables and nuts, chicken wraps and, of course, plenty of wild-caught fish (fish burger and tengirri nicoise get great reviews). An in-house bakery will also open soon, and there are also plans for a larger restaurant opening onto the public infinity pool.

The Sanubari
Photo: The Sanubari

Despite the fact that Sumba is still very unspoiled in terms of tourism, its natural beauty is what attracts guests. From the hotel beach, you can reach the beach on foot or by bike Pantai Watu Belle, one of the most beautiful beaches of southwestern Sumba, where Sanubari will soon set up umbrellas for picnics and evening barbecues. Deeper inland you will find villages, where time seems, to stop, the stunning scenery of the valleys and the river that you can paddle during the wet season.

Sanubari is set on a remote part of an already uninhabited island, which brings its own challenges. Both Wi-Fi and electricity have their issues, so come here with "out of office" notifications in mind. Which is also the purpose of this type of adoption.

The Sanubari

For all travelers seeking an inspiring experience and self-exploration, Sumba will bring a breath of fresh air with its spiritual roots, ancient culture, uncrowded waves, pristine beaches, tranquil inland adventures and stunning, largely unexplored natural environment. Sanubari offers an experience for everyone. Expect unique experiences during your visit Sanubar, from connecting with local residents through our cultural and artistic programs, swimming with horses in crystal blue waters, to heart-pounding surfing or simply finding inner calm by connecting with a largely unexplored part of eastern Indonesia. For those who want to leave the beaten track and create memories to last a lifetime.

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