Kendall's "Unfortunate Twin": The Kardashian Family Member We Didn't Know Existed

Kirby Jenner, Kendall's "Unfortunate Twin": The Kardashian Family Member We Didn't Know Existed

Can you imagine what it's like to live with one of the girls from the famous Kardashian family? The idea of this is revealed by Kirby Jenner, who presents himself as Kendall Jenner's twin on Instagram!

Kirby Jenner is a false twin Kendall Jenner, who attracts a lot of attention with his photos, which he has been posting on social media for some time Instagram. We can notice them Kirby, who, thanks to photoshop, spends his everyday life together with the Kardashian family.

Kirby spices up the photos, which are shared by Kendall Jenner on social networks, with a lot of humor - namely, his "sister" accompanies on the yacht, magazine cover, birthday party, dinners and many other places.

Are you similar?
Are you similar?

A profile on which we can be found 154 posts, has just 1.1 million followers - the person behind him has not yet revealed his true identity, but considering all the smiles he puts on his followers' faces, that doesn't even matter.

Unbelievable photos of a man photoshopped into photos of the Kardashian sisters, we present to you in the gallery. To see even more fun photos, click here.

Gallery: Kirby Jenner

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