The year 2022 will be marked by white sneakers - we have highlighted the best models

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White sneakers are one of those fashion pieces that have been very popular for years. Sneakers have already become part of the classic wardrobe. Almost every brand offers them, and you can find them in different structures with different unique stitches and prints. They have become a necessary fashion accessory because they are so versatile. You can wear them with different styles, from sporty, everyday, elegant, business. The popularity of white sneakers will continue in 2022.

Like every new beginning, the beginning of the new year marked a time of change and transformation in the fashion world and our wardrobes. In addition to exciting fashion trends, 2022 will bring back our favorites to our wardrobes and everyday combinations fashion classics and basic models, which can always be relied on and look equally good in almost any combination. The classic raincoat, denim jackets, simple T-shirts with a print will be absolutely favored fashion pieces in the coming months. In addition to popular clothes, 2022 will highlight several trendy shoe models, and they are also among the first the eternal classic – white sneakers.

Several different models stand out among the hit models, among which everyone will easily find their favorite pair. They are the most popular classic white sneakers with simple lines with the addition of bright and pastel details or the ever-popular black color. From adidas' cult models, which return this year in an even better edition, to white premium and high street sneakers.

The best sneaker designs

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