They have entered the astrological period of Pisces: which dates will have the greatest impact on our emotions

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Why do people feel more emotional and intuitive during Pisces astrological season?

In 2024, we are treated to a leap year, which brings an extra day and extra magic to the astrological period of Pisces. The Sun will shine in the sign of Pisces until March 19, when the astrological calendar ends and a new era begins.

This is a time to finish projects and emotions before taking on new challenges. While life may seem like it's rushing past us, it's important to stop and enjoy each moment.

During this period, Pisces has two rulers: Jupiter, the bringer of good fortune, and Neptune, who introduces illusions. This combination encourages us to focus on our own happiness and joyful activities.

What does the period of Pisces bring? Photo: Brooke Cagle/Unsplash

Spending time reading, doing hobbies, or watching a favorite show can help us discover our inner desires and connect with ourselves. It is also important not to get lost in our world, but to stay focused on things, which make us happy.

The period of Pisces also brings a time of strong emotions.

During this period, our intuition and emotions deepen because we are more sensitive to the feelings of others. Setting boundaries is key to maintaining your own well-being and self-confidence. Although we may feel vulnerable, it is important to prioritize and take care of ourselves.

Since we will be more compassionate during this time, it is sometimes difficult to recognize when we are being taken advantage of. However, the key is to strike a balance and make sure others don't take us for granted. This helps us maintain self-confidence and we feel safer.

In addition, fish are known to have a unique taste and are one the most creative signs of the zodiac with an incredible imagination. They see the world differently, which gives them a wonderful perspective.

During the period of Pisces, we can all embrace this extraordinary creativity. If you have been working on a project for a long time, this is the moment when you can understand the pieces of the puzzle and use them to create something unique.

It awakens creativity in you. Photo: Brooke Cagle/Unsplash

Artistic ideas run wild, allowing us to make our own visions take us to new depths. It can even affect how we feel about relationships as we can see them from a dreamy, romantic and ideological point of view.

That's easy a transformative and healing moment, as we reflect on our lives and take small steps toward personal growth—just as Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, learns from each lesson. By tapping into our inner magic, we can elevate our lives. The key is to stay grounded so we can change our lives.

Pisces season is perfect for dreamers and innovators.

It offers a new perspective that can enrich our lives and trigger emotions like compassion. If you're looking for a fun escape from reality, try taking a break from everyday life on the weekend or after work. This year is particularly important, as planetary movements such as the entry of Mercury and Venus into the sign of Pisces and the transit of the Sun and Neptune will further strengthen the energy of this period.

Important astrological dates

Steam yourself. Photo: Candice Picard/Unsplash

February 23: Mercury enters Pisces and connects us to our intuition.

February 24: A full moon in Virgo helps us understand our emotions clearly.

March 9: Mercury enters Aries and adds power and directness to words.

March 10: The new moon in Pisces puts our creativity at the forefront of life.

March 11: Venus enters Pisces, increasing our tenderness and generosity.

March 17: The Sun and Neptune conjoin, awakening our artistic spirit and deepest dreams.

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