This is the type of man you should be waiting for according to your astrological sign

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Don't give your heart to anyone, wait for that right man.

This is a man with a capital letter. A man with values - respectful, reasonable, honest, trustworthy.

Let's see which one is best for you according to your astrological sign.


You should wait for a man who is in love with you, with who you are, with your wholeness. Into your madness and your empathy. It should not hold you back from the things that are important to you. Instead, it will support you in anything you want to try. Because life is one and you don't get new and new opportunities to repeat some things.

One who leaves you your life, your friends and never complains about them. They were part of your life before him and he will respect that. Only when you find someone who can provide all of these for you will you be truly happy!


Wait for a man who will admire you and praise you for the things you have done. To someone who will love your stubbornness and who won't want to change a single thing about you.

Find a man who will make love easy and who will always do his best to make you happy. Be with the one who will love you in the worst days as well as in the good ones.


Wait for a man to whom you can tell all your problems. Be with someone who accepts you for who you are and doesn't want to change you. Find someone who understands that there are days you won't feel like going out with them, but will respect that without being offended.

Be with someone who loves you and understands that you are different from him, but that you love him more than anything else.


Find a man who fully understands your actions. The one who will be there for you to hug you and tell you that everything will be alright.

Someone who won't run away when they hit the first roadblock in your relationship. Find someone who cares about you and isn't afraid to show it in front of others.


Find someone who will respect you for who you are and think that you are the apple of his eye. Wait for someone special. Someone who will be as motivated as you. Wait for the one who tells you how special you are and that there's no place he'd rather be than in your arms.

Find someone who will treat you like a queen because honey you are, you are a queen!

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Wait for a man who is open minded. Someone who has no problem expressing his feelings. Someone you can count on no matter what happens in your life.

Wait for someone with whom you can be who you are without playing mind games and only saying what they want to hear. Wait for someone to make you smile when you're sad. And wait for someone who will show you their extraordinary love every day!


Wait for a man who values your friends and family and is not jealous of them. Wait for someone who is able to see what kind of person you are.

Someone whose goal will not be to impress you, but someone who will show you his vulnerability when he is with you.


Wait for the man who makes every day perfect just to make you smile. Wait for someone who understands that we all have good days and bad days, and that's totally okay.

The one who doesn't force you to do things you don't like, and who will give you his time to try something new together, something you both like.


Wait for a man who will make your life easier. To someone who makes you smile when you're sad and tells you things will get better.

Wait for someone who will appreciate every moment with you, because that's when he feels the best. Be with someone who will not only be your lover, but also your best friend.


Wait for a man who is on the same page as you. The one with the same interests and the same outlook on life. Wait for someone who will be proud of your successful work day and not jealous of your career.

Wait for someone who will love you with all his heart, because honey, he is worth the wait.


Wait for a man who will actually be there for you and listen when you share something sensitive with him and not just nod his head in approval. Wait for someone who knows you have friends who were a part of your life before he came along and is okay with you making time for them too.

To the one who will respect your private time, but will also enjoy the time spent with you.


Wait for a man who will be your best friend and lover. To someone who will know how important it is to show your feelings, even if he is shy. Wait for someone who wants to experience new adventures with you.

To the one who will take your relationship to a whole new level.

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