Vespa Sei Giorni - the iconic scooter from 1951 is back

The new special edition Vespa bears the legendary name Sei Giorni, which can be directly translated into six days. And it commemorates the iconic version of the scooter that won many awards at the Six Days of Varese International Competition back in 1951.

Vespa Sei Giorni based on the current generation Vespa, but looks back in style for as many as 66 years. Like its predecessor, the front light is slightly lower – mounted directly on the scooter's fender. Special handlee and, of course, an identical color palette. There is no shortage of characteristic details such as air openings, which reincarnate the legend into a modern design.

Iconic design - VEspa - Sei giorni
Iconic design: Vespa Sei Giorni

Vespa Sei Giorni is equipped with a seat covered in fine black leather. It is decorated with a contrasting seam. They are also special rims and graphics these icons. On the dashboard of the scooter there is a small plate with the serial number of the model, in addition to the USB port, which is serial and located in the luggage compartment, the Sei Giorni has a serial ABS and LED-lights.

Little things that reincarnate the legend - Vespa Sei Giorni
Little things that reincarnate a legend: Vespa Sei Giorni

Riders can customize their scooters by adding a windshield, front and rear luggage racks, 42 liter bag, an anti-theft alarm, a thermal cover that protects the engine and a navigation unit Tom Tom 'VIO'.

Vespa Sei Giorni powered by a 300cc 4-stroke water-cooled engine that complies with the standard Euro4. Just create 21 horsepower and it has 22 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm. It is hidden under the seat 8.5 liter fuel tank.

Nostalgia and this kind of excellence will of course not be cheap. But for the legend, it will be worth digging deeper into your pocket.

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