Vespa 140th Piaggio: Exclusivity in a limited series

140 years of Piaggio innovation

Vespa 140th Piaggio
Photo: Vespa

When a century and a half of tradition and modern design approaches come together, the Vespa 140th Piaggio is created, a limited series that celebrates 140 years of innovation by the Piaggio Group. This special edition scooter is a real emphasis on quality and uniqueness, representing the intersection between classic elegance and modern lifestyle. With only 140 scooters produced, this model provides an exclusivity that is almost unmatched in the world of two-wheelers.

Vespa, which has been considered an icon of style and simplicity for decades, has raised the bar with its latest edition “Vespa 140th of Piaggio”. For its 140th anniversary, Piaggio didn't want to create just another Vespa, but something that would honor their rich heritage while looking to the future.

The Vespa 140th Piaggio boasts design elements that are both contemporary and nostalgic. With a combination of white body color and blue graphics that reflect the colors of Piaggia, this model stands out in the crowd. A new Vesp monogram and 140th anniversary logo have also been added to further emphasize the exclusivity of this scooter.

Photo: Vespa
In addition to aesthetics, this model is equipped with a series of accessories that further improve functionality and driving comfort. From the spacious rear bag made of high-quality leather with an embossed Vesp logo to the additional luggage racks and the large windscreen. All these elements are not only practical, but also add a touch of luxury.

The new Vespa 140th of Piaggio is equipped with a powerful 300 hpe (High Performance Engine) single-cylinder engine with 4-valve timing, liquid cooling and electronic injection. The engine, which at 17.5 kW (23.8 hp) is the most powerful engine ever installed in a Vesp, provides superior performance. The lights are all LED, including the signature front headlight, while the instrument panel retains the elegant circular shape, but is now fully digital. This solution makes it possible to take advantage of the functions offered by the Vespa MIA connectivity system, available as an accessory.

Aware of the importance of exclusivity, the Vespa 140th Piaggio will only be available in a strictly limited series. Only 140 of these scooters will be produced, and each will be equipped with a special plate indicating its serial number. Orders will only be accepted during Vespa World Days, which will take place from 18 to 21 April 2024, further emphasizing exclusivity and collector value.

Despite the global recognition of the Vespa brand, this special edition will only be available in selected countries, including several European countries, some countries in the Middle East and South Africa. This limited distribution emphasizes how special and rare this model is.

Vespa 140th Piaggio it is not just a means of transport, but a symbol of heritage, innovation and exclusivity. With a limited edition that celebrates 140 years of success, this model is not just a scooter, but an investment in history and a collector's item. With all its improvements and accessories, this Vespa is more than ready to capture the eyes and hearts of true enthusiasts. The price? For something so special, the number seems to become less important when you think about it

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