We love it: tips for getting animal prints right

Animal prints are also in fashion this fall and winter, and it can be expected that they will be fashionable in 2020 as well. They have become a new classic that every real fashion lover has in their closet. If you haven't been convinced by now, we will try to convince you with the help of our tips and guide on how to wear animal prints correctly!

Animal prints have always been considered cheap, despite the luxury they exude. They entered high fashion in 1947 on merit Christian Dior, who broke the rules and inspired many by creating a range of charming animal print accessories for his muse Mitzah Bricard. In the 1960s and 1980s, leopard prints were a rock star staple, but today they have become a classic for all fashion lovers.

Believe it or not, they are animal patterns suitable for almost any occasion. With this guide, we want to show you how to wear animal prints for certain occasions. If you are a beginner, we will try to show you how to introduce such prints as accessories, but if you are a real "fashionista", we will help you break all the rules and stand out.

But first, two very important basics. Make sure you have pieces of clothing in these patterns in better, more beautiful fabrics. Animal prints still have an unfortunate reputation for being cheap and kitschy, so using a high-quality fabric will ensure you avoid such labels. If you're wearing an animal print piece, make sure it's that the central part of your outfit and to be worn with monochrome pieces. Of course, all you girls who are die-hard fashionistas will break this second rule. We will show you how below.

Animal prints for beginners

If you're finally ready to explore the world of animal prints, we suggest you start with fashion accessories. You can bring the trend into your wardrobe with timeless elements, which will make your look interesting. A great advantage is that you can wear accessories with these types of patterns for every occasion and every time differently. We suggest you opt for handbags, shoes with low or high heels, and for really subtle variations, choose scarf or glasses.


Handbag with animal print
Handbag with animal print

One of the best ways to wear animal print. It goes well with a monochromatic look or black color. Snake, giraffe or leopard print can look very fashionable in combination with earthy tones, neutral colors and red.

Low heel shoes

Animal print low heel shoes
Animal print low heel shoes

Low-heeled shoes in animal print are a great way to add some life to a casual or office outfit. For everyday chic, you can wear k shoes boyfriend jeans and a colorful top that does not have an obtrusive print. If you are going to work, this type of shoes can be the central part of the outfit in combination with colored neutral trousers or a skirt.

High heel shoes

Animal print high heel shoes
Animal print high heel shoes

This is the perfect pair of shoes for a night out. If you're hesitant, definitely stick to black or earth-toned dresses. Experiment with the length. While it may seem like a shorter dress is the better choice, a long, loose dress will make for a very fun and unique look. But if you are really daring, you will combine such shoes with a dress with a graphic or geometric print.

Animal prints for everyday

  • For a slightly more subtle look, add one accessory, such as purse.
  • You won't go wrong with a blouse with an animal print, which you wear with, for example, ripped jeans.
  • For a bohemian chic look, opt for an animal print top paired with a long, loose skirt.
  • A dress with a leopard print is also suitable, but it is not too fine or does not show too much. These are dresses with a looser cut, maybe with some frills. If you want more shape, look for ones that hug the waist. Wear them with strappy sandals or slip-on shoes.
  • Save animal print strapless dresses for layering with an informal jacket, otherwise the look will immediately be too "club".
  • On colder days, combine animal prints with a jacket in army green, a denim jacket or a leather jacket. If you wear a trench coat over a leopard print dress, you will be very chic, especially in autumn.

Animal prints for work

  • Opt for darker animal prints, less flashy designs and earthy tones.
  • Blouses with animal prints will look great in combination with skinny trousers or in combination with a narrow skirt. If your office is more conservative, then you can wear a jacket over the blouse. Make sure other pieces are neutral colors like navy blue, black or beige.
  • If your office is more free-spirited, trousers or a skirt in a darker zebra, tiger or leopard print can look sophisticated and playful at the same time. Pants should be narrow, but appropriately tailored, and you can combine them with a solid color top and neutral shoes.
  • An animal print sukji can perfectly elevate your monochrome outfit while still looking stylish.
  • It's hard to find an animal print dress that's also suitable for work, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Look for a dress that isn't too cut out, has sleeves and is at least knee-length, and the print has a subtle contrast. Combine with a jacket or complete the outfit with a designer belt.

Animal prints for a night out

  • If you want a "non-flashy" combination, then choose an animal print on the accessory - a leopard bag or a pair of high heels is a great choice.
  • Wear a tight animal print skirt and combine it with a slightly loose top in one color and a pair of neutral or black heels.
  • Leopard print short dresses are great for evening outings. Combine them with heels, which can be lower (cat's heels) or high, and add a chic handbag.
  • Don't be afraid of colorful animal prints. They will really shine in red or turquoise!
  • Don't forget the jewelry. Giraffe or leopard print looks great paired with gold jewelry, while silver is the right choice for zebra print.

Animal prints for special occasions

  • Look for animal print dresses in more polished or sophisticated silhouettes and avoid those that are very tight or simple as they can make you look too "clubby" or "casual".
  • A long dress always looks more sophisticated than a short one. Look for one that comes below the knee, or one that has an asymmetric finish that starts at the knees and ends at the floor.
  • Find a dress that flatters your figure. Dresses that cinch in at the waist will always look good, especially if the dress flares out at the bottom.
  • Opt for calm animal prints, i.e. e.g. a light brown pattern on a beige background or a black pattern on a dark brown background. This will make you look more elegant and sophisticated.
  • If the action takes place on a cooler evening, the animal print can be worn by your jacket rather than your dress. Faux fur or an animal print trench coat look amazing when combined with a long monochrome dress.
  • Do not forget about elegant, fine jewelry.
  • The best shoes to go with an animal print dress are black loafers or beige loafers. If you want a sexy look that is still appropriate for the occasion, lounge shoes can also be red.

Animal prints for fashion lovers

Given that we often turn to catwalks for inspiration, it is important to encourage you to combine animal prints as well in unusual ways. If you are a true fashion lover, sometimes you will forget the rules and try something truly "adventurous".

Mixing prints

Mixing prints
Mixing prints

Today, animal prints are often considered "one color" by real "fashionistas" and are therefore not afraid to combine them with other prints, especially floral, geometric and psychedelic prints.

Mixing fabrics

Mixing fabrics
Mixing fabrics

Fashion lovers also experiment with fabrics, mixing different types of fabrics, which means they play with textures. For example, a tulle skirt can be combined without fear with a top with a leopard print.

Animal print on animal print

Animal print on animal print
Animal print on animal print

The ban on mixing animal prints is a thing of the past. A leopard-print dress paired with zebra-print shoes is just as "adventurous" as a giraffe-print jacket paired with a snake-print dress.

We hope we have helped you and you at least a little with our guide and ideas for wearing animal print emboldened, to try this magical pattern yourself!

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