What is the difference between the matte and shiny side of aluminum foil: have you always been using it wrong?!

Matte or glossy side of the foil? Which one is correct?!

aluminijaste folije
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Have you ever, while preparing culinary masterpieces, stood with aluminum foil in your hands and wondered which side was "the right one"? Is the shiny side a fashion statement that screams "I'm here" or is the matte side the modest but reliable friend who can take care of your cooking adventures? What is the difference between the matte and shiny side of aluminum foil?!

Different pages aluminum foil they are like twins in the fashion world - at first glance they are the same, but each with its own character. The shiny and matte sides are the result of culinary haute couture, which originates from the rolls, where two layers of foil walk like on a catwalk - one is shown in all its glory, while the other remains discreetly matte. It's like choosing between a sequin dress or a chic little black dress - depending on the occasion.

Photo: envato elements
When it comes to baking and food storage, just like fashion accessories, the choice of sides is a matter of personal style. Whether you're team shiny or team matte, your food will stay fresh and evenly cooked. You could say that the two sides are like a well-matched shoe and handbag – both do their job with equal elegance.

Foil manufacturers with non-stick mat side but they are like fashion experts who whisper to us to choose a matte side for delicate dishes such as cookies or pastries. Is this perhaps the kitchen equivalent of "less is more"?

Photo: envato elements
And let's not forget, the shiny side aluminum foil it is like a multifunctional accessory in your household. Useful for cleaning and polishing dishes to a shine, it's almost like a miracle cure for refreshing your favorite fashion pieces – or in this case, kitchenware.

So, the next time you hold in your hands aluminum foiloh, remember it's like good fashion - no matter which side you choose, your food will always look and taste great. And if you're still in doubt, remember that in the kitchen, as in fashion, experimentation is always welcome.

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