What people searched for online in 2023, according to Wikipedia

From Bollywood to AI: The most searched topics reveal global interests

iskali na spletu v letu 2023
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We explore the ten most searched terms on Wikipedia in 2023, ranging from Indian blockbusters to technological breakthroughs. This list provides insight into the diverse interests of people around the world and reveals how digital platforms reflect global trends.

Have you ever wondered what the rest of the world cares about? What were people searching for online in 2023?! In the digital age, our online searches are like digital fingerprints that reveal our interest in culture, sports and technology. Wikipedia, the digital behemoth of knowledge, offers us a unique insight into what captured global attention in 2023.

Pathan – This Indian action thriller ranked tenth with 19.9 million views. The film is about an Indian agent who races against time to prevent a disaster.

Indian Premier League 2023 - With 20.6 million views, this event reflects the growing popularity of cricket, a sport loved by millions around the world.

Jawan – This train hijacker thriller is on Netflix and has attracted 21.7 million views.

J. Robert Oppenheimer - With 25.6 million views, this American theoretical physicist, known as the "father of the atomic bomb", has aroused great interest.

Cricket World Cup – This event, which takes place every four years, attracted 25.9 million views, confirming cricket's global popularity.

The film Oppenheimer – This biopic attracted 28.3 million views, which shows the interest in historical figures and their impact on the world.

Indian Premier League – Cricket again proved popular with 32 million views.

Cricket World Cup 2023 – With 38.1 million views, this event is proof that cricket is the second most popular sport in the world.

Died in 2023 – This site, which documents celebrity deaths, has attracted 42.6 million views.

ChatGPT – At the top of the list with 49.4 million views is ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence that has attracted enormous attention in its year of existence.

What are people searched online in 2023? This list of the most searched terms on Wikipedia in 2023 is not just a list; it is a mirror of our world.

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