Women's Shoes 2015: Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2015

Women's shoes autumn/winter 2015

The fashion shows of the autumn/winter 2015 fashion weeks are behind us and we can finally pick out the dominant trends that will mark our fall stylings. But since Fashion Week's fashion forecast dictates new fashion trends also in terms of footwear, let's check which women's shoes will be fashionable this fall.

Although we have not yet stepped well into spring and the open spring sandals are still patiently waiting for us, here is the "trend report" from the fashion weeks for the autumn/winter season 2015. Fashion Week once again served a great deal of innovation, but also a bit of shock. Among the key fashion trends of this autumn season are "Victorian" loafers and boots with laces, "furry" shoes, tight boots, boots with fringes and footwear in interesting color combinations.

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Let's see which women's shoes deserve the title of "most fashionable shoes autumn/winter 2015".

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