Yamaha Tritown: corrects the mistakes of conventional eskiros

Electric binoculars have become an urban reality. We see them practically everywhere. But due to their design, they are a relatively dangerous means of transport. They realized this at Yamaha, and with the Tritown concept they represent the future of electric scooters.

Scooter, which is safe – but fun at the same time. The solution is somehow in the three-wheeled system, which is much more similar in the mode itself bicycle balance and thus safer. Due to its design, the Tritown allows the user to not step out of the wheel, even at the intersection, until he reaches his destination. The battery has power 380 Wh and drives pretty strong 500 watt motor.

Since the legislation in the field of e-skiroes is not globally defined, its speed is limited to 25 km/h. Due to use carbon fiber it is light and extremely compact. A Yamaha project is ready for production and rumors are getting louder that we will see it in a very similar appearance on our roads in a good year.

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