10 warning signs that you're about to eat crappy food at a restaurant

Zanič hrana v restavraciji
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Visiting a restaurant can be a wonderful experience, but it is not always a guarantee that you will enjoy a culinary masterpiece. Let's take a look at the signs that you're about to eat crappy food before it's served to you.

Here are ten signs that will let you know that your visit to the restaurant this time will not be exactly "stellar". So before you sit down and check it out menu, pay attention to these warning signs so you don't end up truly disappointed. These are signs that you will get lousy food.

1. Neglected restaurant exterior

If the exterior of the restaurant is untidy, chances are you're not in for a very pleasant dining experience. Dilapidated windows and poor maintenance (if any) can be indicators that they don't pay much attention to details in the kitchen either.

Lousy restaurant food
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2. Empty tables during lunch or dinner hours

If the restaurant is empty during the hours when it should be bursting with guests, that can be an indicator, but the food is not the best. Popular restaurants are usually bursting at the seams with hungry diners, while a lack of them may indicate poorer food or service. Trust the local crowd; they usually know the best places to have dinner.

3. Strong smells

When you walk into a restaurant, you may be greeted by unpleasant or overpowering smells. This is a pretty clear sign that something is wrong. Strong, unpleasant odors can be a sign of poor hygiene practices or poor quality ingredients.

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4. Limited or outdated menu

A menu that seems stuck in culinary history may not offer the freshest or most innovative dishes. The best restaurants already offer creativity and seasonal ingredients on the menu, which are the key to a great culinary experience.

5. Inattentive or disinterested staff

Attentive and qualified staff are the highlight of a good culinary experience. However, if you feel that you have come across staff with no interest or knowledge of what to offer the guest or recommend, this may be an indication of poor quality.

6. Dirty cutlery or tableware

Carefully inspect the cutlery and crockery. If they look dirty, this is a sign that the restaurant may not be maintaining cleanliness standards. Clean utensils and tableware are crucial for a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

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7. Unhygienic toilets

The condition of the toilet can be a reflection of the general cleanliness of the restaurant. If the toilets are dirty and without basic hygiene items, this raises concerns about the restaurant's commitment to hygiene.

8. Excessive use of frozen ingredients

While some pre-prepared foods may be acceptable, over-reliance on frozen ingredients can compromise the freshness and quality of the dish. Look for restaurants that prioritize using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

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9. Lack of special or seasonal offers

A restaurant that does not have daily specials or seasonal dishes is most likely not committed to choosing fresh foods. The seasonal offer proves that the restaurant is attuned to the availability of high-quality ingredients, which ensures the best culinary experiences.

10. Negative online reviews

Before visiting a restaurant, it is important to check online reviews by those who have been here before. Constant negative reviews about food quality, service or cleanliness should raise a number of concerns for you.

And after all, rely on your own feeling. The mentioned signs can be one of the indicators, but they are far from being completely reliable. However, recognizing the warning signs can help you make more informed decisions and increase the likelihood of enjoying a fantastic meal.

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