Tesla Model 3 2024 facelift: a big step forward or just a refresh

Facelift Tesla 3

Facelift Tesla Model 3 2024
Photo: Tesla / Jan Macarol
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We are all anticipating the facelift of the Tesla Model 3 2024, as the rumors are getting louder online, and the speculation that the production of the Tesla Model 3 2024 should start as early as June 2024 is getting louder and louder. After 6 years, it is definitely time for a major change and facelift of the Tesla Model 3 2024.

A famous and revolutionary car Tesla Model 3 is preparing for a facelift after six years. What can we expect?

After a long period of anticipation, Tesla announces significant changes in one of the most popular models, Tesla Model 3. The auto industry is full of rumors and speculations about what the 2024 model refresh will bring. Based on the revealed information and the trends that Tesla has set over the years, let's allow ourselves some predictions and expectations.

In the automotive industry, it is common for “facelift” changes to the models are minimal - often the focus is on the optics - i.e. the slight illumination of the lighting elements and reflectors, and the shape of the light itself rarely changes. Even Tesla, which otherwise seems quite unconventional, follows these unwritten rules. And we believe the changes will be greater than the industry average, but not as drastic as some concepts portray.

Tesla Model 3 2024 Facelift Study, as imagined by our colleague and designer Jan Macarol.

So in recent months we have seen a multitude of concepts for transformation Model 3, which apply to both the front and rear of the car. However, none of these concepts took into account the cruel fact that the manufacturer can afford to facelift only minimal corrections. Therefore, the big question is how radical the changes will be in the new one Facelift Tesla Model 3 2024.

Rear facelift Tesla Model 3 2024

Facelift Tesla Model 3 2024
Photo: render / Jan Macarol

At the rear of the vehicle, we believe Tesla will change both the rear bumper and the rear tailgate. Other things will remain unchanged. It follows that the optics themselves can be significantly modified. At the same time, we believe that due to aerodynamic gains, the vehicle's rear spoiler will be enlarged and extended. It is likely that a larger and more pronounced longer diffuser will also appear, into which the reflectors, which are now in the bumper, will be integrated. These changes will give the car a sportier and more attractive look. As for optics, we believe that Tesla will slowly but surely begin to integrate LED connection between the rear lights, which not only gives the car a wider and more aerodynamic appearance, but also improves visibility.

The front of the Tesla Model 3 2024 facelift

Photo: render / Jan Macarol

Also the front of the car will experience some refreshment. The photos that have been released so far show some pretty radical changes, but we believe that these photos are part of Tesla's strategy to raise expectations. The changed front of the car, as shown in the photos, would mean that Tesla decided to change quite a few parts, which is not typical for the "facelift" phase. We are sure that at Tesla they will only change the bumper and the front hood, while they will not interfere with the sides of the car. Such drastic changes would mean that Tesla decided to replace quite a few panels of the car, which is not typical for facelift phase. We are sure that only the bumper and front hood will be changed at Tesla, while the left and right fenders will remain unchanged. Based on the information we have obtained, it appears that it will Tesla changed the shape of the bumper so that it will be more aerodynamic and will better emphasize the aggressiveness and sportiness of the car, and it also slightly adapts to the appearance of the rear bumper. We believe that this change will be enough to give the front part of the vehicle a fresh and modern look, without the need for more radical changes.

The interior of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 facelift

As for the interior, it's hard to predict what to expect. Tesla has surprised many times in the past with unusual and innovative solutions, so it would not be surprising if the upcoming 2023 Model 3 facelift brought some surprising innovations. Going by industry trends, we could expect bigger screens, better materials. The rest is regularly updated by Tesla anyway. We believe that the interior will be minimally changed. Maybe the steering wheel will undergo a change, which in principle is a habit of some other manufacturers as well. Given Tesla's emphasis on sustainability and ecological responsibility, we could also expect the use of new, more environmentally friendly materials in the interior of the vehicle. In addition, we could also expect some improvements in comfort and ergonomics, as Tesla is constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience of its customers. At the expense of comfort, there are often the most criticisms.

Drives & Technologies - Tesla Model 3 2024

In the field drive train we don't expect big changes. Tesla is known for its advanced electric drive technology and will likely focus on improving existing technologies such as greater efficiency, longer range and faster charging, instead of developing completely new technologies. At the same time, Tesla introduces constant changes to its models. It has just removed the parking sensors, replacing them with a camera and an external temperature sensor, which is replaced by up-to-date information based on the geolocation of the car directly on the Internet.

Of course, these are all just our assumptions based on available information and industry trends. For more concrete information, we will have to wait for the official presentation of the new facelift Model 3. Regardless of what Tesla brings, we can expect that each new version of their vehicles will continue to set standards in the electric car industry.

Reliable sources suggest that it will be new Tesla Model 3 entered production in September this year. Tesla Model 3 2024 according to all indications, it will be on the roads by the end of 2023.

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