3 steps to get rid of emotional traumas from the past

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The negative, often subtle impact that trauma leaves on us can affect our mental and physical health. Experts list 3 steps that can be helpful in overcoming emotional trauma.

If you want to overcome emotional trauma from the past, follow these steps.

1. Traumas span generations

95 % traumas are generationally caused and you unknowingly spread them on. This may mean that your trauma is a product of your own parents and their experiences, which was not resolved until you were born. How do you recognize trauma when it's not actually yours? To begin with, you need to look at yourself to understand them. The nervous system has a memory that is not always conscious, but the wound still stands and is activated at a certain moment. Experts advise yes stop when you get angry at someone, for example: often your anger is not related to this event at all. Try to be aware of where it comes from.

2. Rely on the relationships you nurture

Quality relationships are extremely important for healing trauma, and this has been scientifically proven. Humans are not created for solitude and loneliness is one of the risk factors for various diseases.

What to do? Focus on social relationships and you may not realize it, but you can easily attract people in your life who have experienced similar traumas to you, and in a good relationship, people can help each other move forward.

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3. Learn to say no

Nature forces you to learn for yourself what you want and what you don't want, what your values are and how you look at the world. Therefore, it is necessary to set boundaries between you and other people. According to experts, you learn from an early age what is acceptable and what is not, but also that we must listen to our elders. As a result, you often don't know in adulthood set boundaries and clearly say NO.

If you don't learn it, you will certainly felt the consequences both mentally and physically, so next time don't accept every task that will make you sick later, but learn to say that it's not for you.

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