Balenciaga Towel Skirt: Fashionable Excess or Absurd for $925?

Balenciaga towel skirt

Balenciaga brisačno krilo
Photo: Balenciaga

Missed your morning shower? Nothing serious! Balenciaga presents a new solution in its Spring 2024 collection: the Balenciaga towel skirt. This piece, which has sparked a wide debate in the fashion world, combines functionality and luxury in one. Join us in exploring this unusual piece of fashion.

Balenciaga, known for its unique and often controversial design choices, is back in the spotlight. Their latest work? Balenciaga towel skirt, part of their Spring 2024 collection. Priced at $925, this piece of clothing definitely falls into the category of luxury fashion accessories. Is this really just a skirt or a bold attempt by the fashion giant?

Photo: Balenciaga
Attention is not only focused on the price, but also on the idea itself. Made from terry cotton, the Balenciaga towel skirt is designed to be worn mid-waist and is currently only available in beige, with grey, navy and black coming soon​​.

The design of the skirt is innovative and practical, as it has two internal buttons and an adjustable belt, which ensures that the skirt will not slip when you run after the train​​. In addition, it is interesting that this fashion piece is unisex, which means that it can be worn by everyone, regardless of gender​​.

Balenciaga, led by creative director Demna Gvasalia, is known for its unusual and often extravagant designs. Gvasalia, who has sparked controversy in the past, such as the controversial 2022 holiday ad, seems to be staying true to his roots in fashion, combining quality dressing and bold marketing moves.​​

Photo: Balenciaga
The debate about Balenciaga's towel skirt is also spreading on social media. Some consider it an absurd marketing move, while others appreciate the boldness and innovation of the brand. Critics say that Balenciaga tests the limits of its customers with high prices, while supporters of the brand point to a specific target audience that values ​​uniqueness and exclusivity.​​

Interestingly, however, the idea of the Balenciaga towel skirt has also inspired others, including to Ikea, which capitalized on Balenciaga's current high fashion profile and introduced its $10 version of the towel skirt​​. This approach highlights how haute couture can influence the wider market and how fashion trends can quickly spread and adapt across price ranges.

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