Bill Gates predicts the historic decline of Google and Amazon, thanks to artificial intelligence

AI will eliminate the need for search engines and online shopping in the classical sense of the word.

Bill Gates
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Will the realms of online search and online shopping soon be empty as AI increasingly changes our world and habits? According to Bill Gates, even such technological giants as Google or Amazon may disappear.

Microsoft's co-founder and technology visionary, Bill Gates, shocked the audience at the event AI Forward 2023, by Goldman Sachs and SV Angel, with its prediction that advances in artificial intelligence (AI) could end the eras of Internet giants such as Google and Amazon.

Gates predicted that UI that understands human needs and desires could completely change the way we search for information and buy products online.

Photo: Jan Macarol / Midjorney

"If the UI already understands what you want, then why waste time using a search engine or shopping on Amazon and similar sites?" he said Gates.

But how exactly does this work? According to Gates, when the new AI assistant began to learn and understand human patterns, needs and emotions, it could influence human behavior. "You'll never go to a search page again, you'll never go to an online store again, you'll never go to Amazon again," Gates predicted. According to him, this advanced AI-assistant will be able to understand the needs and habits of an individual and help him "read things he doesn't have time for".

It might be a scary prediction for many, but Gates is optimistic. According to him, it is 50% options, that it will be the future winning AI came from a start-up or a tech giant. He believes it will Microsoft remained part of AI development, which he showed by investing 10 billion dollars to the most famous company in the field of AI at the moment, OpenAI's ChatGPT.

But that doesn't mean the future will be rosy for everyone. Bill Gates warned that a future in which robots take over jobs is getting closer. He also emphasized that employees in various industries are also at high risk of being replaced by robots, as AI produces increasingly accurate, high-quality and persuasive texts.

But should we really be afraid? Technology has always brought changes in society, both good and bad. The replacement of jobs by automation and robots is a fear shared by many, however Bill Gates warns that this could also bring new opportunities and transform how we work and what we do.

“We need to understand that technology is not something to be afraid of. On the contrary, we should accept it and use it to improve our lives", he said Bill Gates. "Yes, some jobs will disappear, but UI will also bring new jobs. Just as we successfully transitioned from the agricultural to the industrial age and then to the information age in the past, we will also transition to the age of artificial intelligence."

Gates's the vision of the future must be taken seriously. As the co-founder of Microsoft and a long-time technology leader, Gates has repeatedly correctly predicted how technology will develop in the past. Whether his prediction of the end of Google and Amazon due to UI will come true, however, we will have to wait and see.

However, whatever the future holds, it is clear that we will need to be prepared. The increasing presence of UI in our daily lives brings countless opportunities, but also challenges. Embracing these opportunities and challenges is key to success in the age of artificial intelligence.

If Gates' predictions are true, we must prepare for these changes. That is why it is all the more important to be prepared for these changes and to constantly learn and adapt. By using artificial intelligence in our daily lives, we will be able to shape a future that is more efficient, productive and beneficial for all of us.

For now, the question remains whether the future he described will happen Bill Gates, became a reality. Regardless, it is clear that the world is changing, and AI is undoubtedly one of the drivers of these changes. This means we need to prepare for the future by arming ourselves with knowledge and understanding how technology can shape our world for the better.

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