Fairphone Fairbuds XL: a sustainable step into the world of audio technology

Modular design, recycled materials and fair production - Fairbuds XL

Fairphone Fairbuds XL
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The year 2023 brings a new wave in the world of technology: the sustainable Fairbuds XL headphones from the renowned manufacturer Fairphone. At a time when the amount of electronic waste is constantly increasing, Fairphone shows the way to a more sustainable approach in the electronics industry.

Fairphone Fairbuds XL are designed with an emphasis on long life span, recycling and social responsibility. With a price €249 are not the cheapest headphones on the market, but as the saying goes: "Whoever buys cheap, buys twice". The modular design and the possibility to order spare parts via the attached "Fairsound" application allow for easy repair, which helps to longer product life.

Fairphone includes fair trade gold in its products and uses various recycled materials. Fairphone Fairbuds XLL are no exception. They are made from vegan leather, recycled plastic, zinc, and 100% recycled aluminum, even the carrying case is made from recycled polyester.

Photo: Fairphone

The company focuses not only on sustainability, but also on social justice. Fairphone pays an additional 0.55 $ (approx. €0.45) for each pair of headphones, helping to close the wage gap for production workers. In addition, the company, together with its suppliers, improves working conditions and compensates for all CO2 emissions generated during production.

Despite the sustainable and socially responsible aspects, Fairbuds XL do not sacrifice functionality and sound quality. With a 40mm dynamic driver and advanced noise cancellation technology, they ensure excellent sound quality. Through the “Fairsound” app, users can customize the sound settings, with four predefined sound profiles named after famous places.

Photo: Fairphone

As Eva Gouwens, CEO of Fairphone, said: “After nearly ten years of making sustainable smartphones, we are now ready to expand our focus and bring sustainability to a new category of audio products. Fairbuds XL are intended for users who are looking for a sustainable alternative and want to drive change in the electronics industry.”

Fairphone with new ones Fairphone Fairbuds XL not only took a big step forward in the world of audio technology, but also showed that technological products can are produced in a more sustainable and fair way. Although these are the first headphones of their kind from Fairphone, the company is already hinting at smaller models in the near future. For those who want even more compact headphones, the True Wireless Stereo Earbuds (In-Ear) model is also available.

Photo: Fairphone

With this step Fairphone it not only brings a new product to the market, but also opens an important discussion about the way technological products are produced and used. As consumers, we can influence how technology products are made and how long we use them through our choices. By supporting sustainable products like Fairbuds XL, we can contribute to reducing e-waste and support fairer working conditions in the electronics industry.

Fairphone Fairbuds XL more than just a new pair of headphones. They are a symbol of the changes that are necessary in the technology industry and proof that quality, functionality and sustainability can be combined in one product.

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