CringeMDb: Which Movies Not to Watch With Your Parents

Movies without cringem scenes: cringemdb.com

CringeMDb is a website that tells us if the movie we want is suitable for you to watch with your parents. It has happened to all of us that we have seen the film in the family circle, but the decision to choose soon turned out to be awkward, as a tickling scene appeared in the film. To avoid embarrassment, enter the title of the movie on the said page before viewing, and something like this will no longer be able to surprise you! This way you will know exactly which movies you can and can't watch with your parents.

Apparently quite innocent movie it can quickly surprise us with titillating scenes, and if you watch such a movie with your parents, then you would rather sink into the ground, wish that you didn't exist or that the electricity would run out. In order to prevent something like this, first of all "play" the movie on the website CringeMDb (Cringe Movie Database), which tells you whether or not a movie is suitable for a family gathering in front of the TV or movie screen.

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It is the last James Bond film, Spectre, suitable for viewing with parents? Yes. And Mad Max: Fury Road? Also. What The Martian? Check it out for yourself!

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