Recipe: Creamy wine mash

Recipe for wine mart

Wine šhodo is a simple and quickly prepared hot or cold dessert. We only need three ingredients to prepare this world-famous light foamy dessert, and we entrust you with the recipe below.

If you are already full mulled wine, we have a recipe for you wine must (also peat), where you can use white wine a little differently. Vinski shodo is a well-known Italian wine foamy dessert (zabaione), a recipe with only three ingredients (yolk, wine and sugar) gives birth to a delicious sin, which is ideal for cold days, and in the warmer months its cold version will fit.

Recipe for wine mash (for 4 people):

Ingredients for wine must:

  • 2 dcl of white/red wine
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar
Warm wine sod is perfect for cold winter days.
Warm wine sod is perfect for cold winter days.

Preparation of wine shodo:
Beat all the listed ingredients with a mixer on fire until the mixture begins to boil. Then we put the matter aside, otherwise it collapses. The cream is then poured into glasses and, if desired, sprinkled with grated chocolate or decorated with caramel. Serve immediately.

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Wine must can also be used as a topping for pancakes with walnut filling, and it can also be made with beer and a slightly smaller amount of cognac or wine.

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