Digital family planner: How the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series helps you plan your parenthood

Digital family planner

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Samsung's latest integration with fertility app Natural Cycles offers smartwatch users a new way to track their menstrual cycles and predict ovulation. With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series, you can access advanced period tracking and digital fertility features that provide retrospective ovulation estimates and period predictions. The best part? You won't need a separate app as it is integrated into the Samsung Health app. Get ready to take control of your reproductive health with the power of your smartwatch.

If you're planning to start a family, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series can become your new best friend. Thanks to a recent partnership with a fertility app Natural Cycles the smartwatch now offers a new way to track your menstrual cycles and predict ovulation with temperature-based period tracking.

Days passed manual recording of your menstrual cycle and guessing when you are fertile. With the series Galaxy Watch 5 you will get a more detailed insight into your cycle right from your wrist. Integration with the application Natural Cycles provides retrospective evaluations ovulation and period predictions, which can help you better plan your pregnancy.

But Samsung isn't the first wearable company to offer this feature. Apple and Oura have already introduced temperature-based menstruation tracking in their smartwatches and rings.

Photo: Samsung
One of the unique strengths of this partnership is that it Natural Cycles one of two companies to receive approval FDA as a form of digital birth control. This means you can trust the accuracy of the data you receive from the app, making it a reliable family planning tool.
Photo: Samsung
The integration also offers practical advantages, as it allows you to access the function there will be no need to download a separate application. It is integrated into the application Samsung Health, which makes it easy and convenient to use. In addition, with approval from the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, CE Marking requirements in Europe, and FDA registration, you can rest assured that the function meets the highest standards of safety and accuracy.

In short, the series Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offers an exciting new way to track your menstrual cycle and predict ovulation. By integrating with Natural Cycles, you can gain more detailed insight into your reproductive health and better plan your pregnancy. So whether you're trying to get pregnant or just want to track your menstrual cycle, there's a series Galaxy Watch 5 covered.

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