Dishes that wash themselves

Unbelievable! After the t-shirt, which cannot get dirty in any way, there are now dishes that wash themselves. The Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine has created a plate and a cup made of cellulose with a self-cleaning layer.

In cooperation with the research agency Innventia, they prepared a vision of the possibility of using cellulose obtained from Swedish forests for the year 2035.

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Thus, they designed a table set of tableware with soft lines made of a new material made on the basis of cellulose, which is both light and extremely durable. But its unique secret lies in the new technology of the Swedish KTH Royal Institute of Technology, which imitates the properties of the lotus leaf, making the surface of the container resistant to dirt and water.

Plate and cup made of cellulose with a self-cleaning layer.
Plate and cup made of cellulose with a self-cleaning layer.

As they say, it is an advanced, environmentally friendly innovation, because throughout its life cycle it leaves a much smaller environmental footprint than conventional containers, i.e. less pollution during production and less consumption of water and chemicals during use. For now, these are only the first prototypes, but in the future they plan to further develop them to the stage of wider production. With the help of such a creative use of science, we may soon have a future without the hassle of washing dishes and significantly less water consumption.

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