A glass that miraculously turns water into juice

A glass that miraculously turns water into juice.

Have you ever closed your eyes and pinched your nose and tried a spoonful of food but had no idea what you were eating? The taste buds feel quite lonely without the company of smell and sight. The Right Cup somehow manages to trick us. How?

A glass The Right Cup turns drinking water into fun.

With its patented technology, it allows you to think that you are enjoying a glass of fruit juice while drinking water. And that no artificial sweeteners. How does he do that? The glass consists of plastic, to which they are added different fruit flavors, all in compliance with the FDA, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration. The Right Cup glasses will be even diabetics were delighted, as they have to avoid sugar at all times due to their strict regime. Various flavors are available, but they should last a little less than a year in the glass. One of them even tastes like grapes, which is supposed to be the closest 'turning water into wine'.

The price for the miracle glass is 25 euros.

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