How to properly clean a wooden cutting board?

Eliminate dirt and odors

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You probably have a wooden cutting board in your kitchen. How to maintain its optimal hygienic condition and lifespan? The wooden cutting board must be washed once a month using a special procedure.

Wooden cutting board is the central part of our kitchen creation, and we rarely pay special attention to it at maintenance. Follow these steps to keep yours cutting board clean, stain-free and shiny, which will last for years.

A wooden cutting board requires special maintenance

Cutting board is probably one of the kitchen utensils, which we use the most. Regardless of whether we use it to chop fruit or vegetables. Not a day goes by that we don't take it out of the drawer, so it's important to know how to properly maintain it.

When it comes to a plastic board, it is enough to wash it with detergent and warm water, while a wooden board requires more care. In the video below, see how to properly maintain a wooden board:

How to clean a cutting board?

Sprinkle the board evenly with a combination of salt and baking soda. Then rub it with half a lemon. This natural blend will neutralize odors and remove stubborn stains. Let the mixture work on the board for about half an hour. This time period allows these ingredients to penetrate the wood surface, cleaning and refreshing the board. Rinse the board well under running water, thoroughly remove the remains of the mixture. Make sure you wash every corner of the board.

Is the board clean when you cut the bread? Photo: Felicity Tai / Pexels

Wipe the board dry with a clean kitchen towel to remove any remaining moisture and ensure the surface is spotless. Finally, lightly grease the board with olive oil. This not only keeps moisture in the wood, but also creates a protective layer against possible cracks.

It is important to clean the wooden cutting board regularly!

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