H2 Collection / Heron Preston x H&M – a high-volume fashion collaboration

A fashion collaboration

H2 kolekcija
Photo: H&M

New York, at the end of February, heralds the beginning of a new era in the fashion world. Heron Preston and H&M unveil their new creative partnership called H2, which promises to transform fashion trends and collaborations. With the first collection - the H2 collection, which will be available on March 14, H2 is not just a new clothing line, but the start of a multi-year journey in search of innovative fashion futures.

The H2 partnership, based on equal cooperation between products, people and processes, represents a fresh approach in the fashion industry. With the promise of seasonal collections - the H2 collection - and creative consulting, Heron Preston and H&M want to go beyond the usual boundaries, encourage young talents and, with their help, commit to closing the circle of fashion.

The first H2 collection draws inspiration from the beauty of everyday style and the street style of New York, intertwined with uniqueness. With Heron Preston's design DNA, the collection combines innovation, sustainability and versatility with meticulous attention to detail. From nylon bomber jackets to the “Unity” prints that run like a common thread through the collection, each piece reflects a commitment to individuality and flexibility.

H2 also brings a unisex approach to fit and styling, not forgetting distinctly feminine pieces that complement and expand the range of the collection. This partnership not only democratizes Heron Preston's creative vision, but invites dialogue, connection and unity through the power of fashion.

The launch of H2 also marks the launch of H2 EXCHANGE, a circular fashion program that equips young designers with the circular mindset and skills needed to transform H&M's circular initiatives. The goal is clear – to involve more people in circular fashion and to extend the life of clothes.

Heron Preston, an artist and designer with a cult status, together with H&M, enters a new dimension of cooperation that goes beyond traditional frameworks and promises a new future for the fashion industry.

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