Happiness is a choice, not a result of circumstances: 6 common habits of unhappy people (and how to be happy)

"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you decide to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you choose to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.” – Ralph Marston

Stay patient, people need time to get back in step with their happiness.

How to help people who are unhappy, what are their habits?

They worry about the future

Depressed or unhappy people have a constant fear of the future, what will happen in it. They never really live in the moment, but constantly think about what terrible things will happen to them in the future. It is important to try to remind them to live in the present, because there is no future yet. No one knows what it will be like. We build a better future from the present. Discuss what you could do to improve this moment.

They don't let go of the past

They do not forgive their mistakes, they keep going back to the past and regretting the things they have done. They do not live in the present, but in the past. In order for them to be able to regain their happiness, they should not be so strict with themselves, because they can no longer correct their mistakes. The past has already happened, they cannot live it again. And what should they do? They must learn to forgive themselves and leave the past where it is, in the past.

They are very negative

To forget their pain, they usually turn to food and alcohol. It is important that you try to help them overcome these habits or provide them with appropriate help. Recovery will take some time, because bad habits and pain cannot be erased instantly.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes, don't go back to the past and don't regret the things that were.
Forgive your mistakes, don't go back to the past and don't regret the things that were.

They spend impulsively

They buy things without thinking if they even need them. They are only looking for a sense of peace within themselves, and shopping gives them that moment. The problem of over-shopping and spending money occurs when they start spending more than they can handle, causing them to fall into a new cycle of depression.

They are critical of themselves and others

They constantly criticize other people, make inappropriate comments and spread negative energy. Remind them that life is not a competition, everyone is their own personality.

They are constantly complaining

They complain about practically everything. They can't find the bright side of life to enjoy, they just feel the need to tell others how miserable they are. They turn a small problem into a big one. Remind them that things are never perfect and that it's okay if things don't turn out the way they expected.

No matter where you are, how you are - look around you and find something beautiful in it!

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