History in Color: Colorized Famous Black and White Photographs

Black and white photos converted to color

When we remember the past, we often imagine it in black and white. After all, most photographs from the first half of the 20th century are monochromatic. Thanks to the artist Marina Amaral, we can now look at historical moments from the past in a completely new, colorful light, as she added colors to them. See (re)colored famous black and white photos.

Black and white photos they have their own charm, but we often wonder how it would all look in color. Marina Amaral is passionate about history and Photoshop, and because she wondered what most people wonder, they colored historical black and white photographs a kind of logical consequence. With them, we can relive past moments more easily and emotionally (family photos Elvis Presley, the pulse of New York, the self-immolation of a monk, etc.), as the colors have a more personal effect.

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As the author says, looking at color photo it's easier to relive a captured moment that seems less distant than with a black-and-white photograph. Check out the clips below and you'll know what he's talking about.

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