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In the video series "My first electric car", in the last three entries, we have covered in detail everything you need to know about home charging stations for your first electric car. This time we will use an example to demonstrate the selection and installation of a charging station.

In previous episodes of My First Electric Car, we covered the basics of home charging stations for electric vehicles. We researched whether you need your own electric charging station, showed you how to get to your own charging station in a multi-apartment building, and learned about which electric charging station to choose. Today we will look at my choice, installation and contractor.

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evpolnilnice.si they also conveniently and professionally arranged a home charging station for us and gave excellent advice on how to approach solving the "issue" of a home charging station in a multi-apartment building.

Video: Home charging station for an electric car: my selection and installation

When you buy a car, you will most likely receive a voucher for a home electric charging station from the seller. It is a well-known marketing ploy used by most car dealers. They will tell you that the charging station will cost you 1,000 euros and that the voucher for 500 euros covers part of the costs of the charging station. Of course, this is all far from the truth, as this 500 euros is mostly converted into a higher price of the charging station. Therefore, we advise a certain degree of caution.

In the editorial office, we researched the market of electric charging stations and obtained some offers. And the car dealer's offer was by far the highest.

Of course, it is necessary to approach all providers with identical information about the project. Thus, we prepared an accurate record for everyone and provided all the necessary information to prepare an offer. Many contractors send you "special" forms, through which you will obtain tentative offers, which will only become "final" after viewing.

Contractors/providers of electric charging stations must be given the following information:

First: Connection power – 3x 20A / Billing power 7 kW (information can be found on the bill of your electricity provider)
Second: Connection distance - the main fuse to the charging station or charging point. For example, 15 meters.
Third: Your wishes regarding the charging station. 11/22 kWh, power regulation according to network loads. No internet connection.

How to choose a domestic filling station and contractor

Basically, a home car charger is just "plugging" your car into the electrical grid. It is appropriate to aim for as simple a use as possible, where as few things can go wrong as possible. In our case, we decided on a charging station that does not even need to be activated. This means that the connection cable just plugs into the car and that's all the user can do to activate the car charging. The most important feature of the charging station is the ability to regulate the charging speed according to network loads. This is important because too many users at the same time would overload the network and cause the main fuse to fail. We recommend as simple a charger as possible, which will not be too complex to use.

A medium-complex charging station installation project will cost you between 1,200 and 1,800 euros (excluding VAT). In our case, we chose the ENELION STILO charging station with the ENELION ENERGY GUARD voltage regulation module, with a total value of 1,450 euros (excluding VAT) including installation.
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