How do you find motivation when you need it most?

Every one of us wears out now and then - whether it's due to excessive stress, lack of sleep, emotional problems or something else. However, our commitments often don't allow us to take a much-needed break. And what to do then? If there is no other way, it is necessary to gather all the strength and bravely swim forward. In the article below, you can read how to find motivation when you need it most. This will help you in moments when you think you have no choice but to give up.

When everything looks black and hopeless, it's not the moment to give up, it's wiser to squeeze the last bits of strength and climb the green branch - it's usually hidden behind the first bend. read it how to find motivation when you need it most.

Take time for yourself.

When things go wrong, take a few minutes (or hours if you can afford it) to calm down and connect with your inner energy. This doesn't mean turning off your brain while playing a comedy series, but rather leaving your electronics (including your phone!) alone and going for a walk, meditating, or reading a chapter of a fiction book.

Meditation helps to calm down
Meditation helps to calm down

Write a diary.

Write, write and write. And that on a daily basis. Writing a diary has many other positive effects in addition to the development and preservation of beautiful Slovenian. Writing a diary (it can also be in the form of poetry or short stories) will help you get in touch with yourself, get to know yourself better, and resolve potential emotional difficulties more successfully.

Go to nature.

Go out into nature at least once a week. It will energize you, calm your mind and remind you that the world is much bigger and more powerful than your problems.

Returning to nature will recharge your batteries
Returning to nature will recharge your batteries

Try something new.

When you run out of motivation, you can get it back by trying something completely new. Instead of watching Netflix for two hours in the evening, read a book. Enroll in a sculpting class or join a yoga class.

Take a day for yourself.

When you burn out, stop. Even if the external circumstances hardly allow it, it is better to take a day or two for regeneration, because you will be much more productive afterwards. Turn off all electronic devices. Eat healthy. Read a book. Treat yourself to a long sleep without an alarm clock. Exercise. Meditate.

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Take the whole day for yourself
Take the whole day for yourself

He spends 5 minutes in a dark room.

When you run out of motivation, sit comfortably in a darkened room for 5 minutes and monitor your feelings. After that, write them down. This technique helps to relax and control repetitive thoughts.

Call a friend.

When you run out of motivation, you can reach for good old social support. Call a friend who is enthusiastic about life and knows how to transfer this enthusiasm to you.

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