How to grow a long blooming cyclamen: the trick is watering

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If you follow the advice on how to water properly, the cyclamen will bloom and the leaves will be firm and shiny.

Cyclamen are popular indoor plants known for their beautiful and colorful flowers. Although they are very decorative, they are also easy to care for, making them a suitable choice for those who do not have much time to care for plants.

They are an excellent choice for the interior home decoration, because they have beautiful and colorful flowers. The color spectrum of cyclamen extends from white, pink, red to purple.

As long as it blooms, you water the cyclamen four times a week if the plant is extremely lush and flowering, it can be every day. It is only important that you follow one rule.

You don't water the cyclamen from above, but from below. More precisely, water must be poured in the base, from which the plant draws the necessary moisture.

Water them in the base. Photo: Rebecca Niver/Unsplash

It is best to put a thin layer of pebbles in it so that the pot is directly in the water. During the flowering period, add a little liquid fertilizer for flowering plants to the water and use this solution once every 15 days.

A few more tips for flowering cyclamen:

1. Watering

Cyclamen need moderate watering. The soil should be moist, but not too wet. Water them with room temperature water and make sure that the water does not remain in the base. Cyclamen do not like too wet soil, as this can cause root rot.

2. Temperature

Cyclamen need cooler temperatures, around 10-18 degrees Celsius. Too high a temperature can cause cyclamen to stop blooming or the leaves and flowers to fall off.

Follow the tips and you will be rewarded. Photo: Paola Marchesi / Pexels

3. Light

Cyclamen need light, but not too much direct sun. They thrive best in a bright spot with a few hours of morning or evening sun.

5. Removal of faded flowers

Faded flowers should be removed to encourage the growth of new flowers.

6. Leaves

If the leaves are yellow or withering, they can simply be cut off. However, if the leaves have wilted due to excessive watering, it is necessary to reduce the amount of water.


If you follow these tips, your cyclamen will be healthy and blooming for weeks or even months.

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