The film RENFIELD - a release from the shadows of Dracula - is coming to the big screen

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RENFIELD - Chris McKay's latest film, Renfield, takes a new twist on a notorious vampire and his crazed henchman, exploring the struggles of breaking free from centuries of slavery and adapting to the modern world.

When the sun sets on April 14, 2023, prepare to be immersed in the world of vampires and their complex relationships in Chris McKay's latest film, Renfield. With an all-star cast that includes Nicolas Cage as the iconic vampire Dracula and Nicholas Hoult as his devoted servant Renfield, this modern vampire tale will captivate audiences and leave them hungry for more.

Photo: Universal

Synopsis of the plot

Renfield tells the story of Dracula's loyal servant Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) as he embarks on a journey to break ties with his sinister master and adapt to the modern world. After centuries of slavery under the Prince of Darkness, Renfield yearns for freedom and the chance to live a life untainted by the shadows of his past. As he tries to distance himself from Dracula (Nicolas Cage), he must face his inner demons and the world that has changed around him.

Star cast movie RENFIELD

Nicolas Cage, known for his versatile acting skills and memorable performances in films such as Face/Off and National Treasure, will provide a chilling portrayal of the legendary vampire Dracula. Audiences can expect a thrilling and intense performance from Cage as he brings the menacing and charismatic character to life.

Nicholas Hoult, who has proven his acting prowess in films such as Mad Max: Fury Road and X-Men: First Class, takes on the complex role of Renfield. Hoult's portrayal of the tortured character promises to be a thrilling and emotional exploration of the struggles faced by those seeking to break free from a life of slavery.

Visionary direction

Chris McKay, the brilliant mind behind The LEGO Batman Movie and War Tomorrow, directs this dark and captivating story. With his unique storytelling style and keen eye for detail, audiences can expect a visually stunning and engaging cinematic experience. McKay's interpretation of the classic vampire story is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Distribution and publishing

Renfield should come to cinemas April 14, 2023. As anticipation builds for this modern take on the classic vampire tale, fans are eager to watch Renfield's dramatic transformation as he fights for freedom and a chance at a new life. Don't miss your chance to watch the shadows come to life as the thrilling story of Renfield unfolds on the big screen.

The movie RENFIELD promises a fresh and charming experience for both fans of vampire lore as for cinema enthusiasts. With a talented cast, visionary direction and a captivating plot, this film is poised to leave audiences spellbound and questioning the limits of loyalty and freedom.

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