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Classic and electric car ownership simulation and comparison!

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Are you tempted to buy an electric car? Then check how the ownership of one and the other compares in the 5-year ownership simulation that we have prepared in our editorial office. The savings of an electric car compared to a conventional car are huge, exceeding 63 percent in certain scenarios.

Electric cars are expensive on paper. But every knowledgeable financier knows that the fiscal incentives given by the state to companies for the purchase of electric cars are large. We claim they are huge. Despite the fact that the subsidy for electric vehicles for legal entities was abolished in January 2022, this does not affect the fact that electric cars have long been an extremely affordable option for companies. From January 23, even more so, as companies can deduct or calculate value added tax if they are liable for VAT.

Video: Electric cars are cheaper than classic cars

There is a misconception among the public that the state does not encourage e-mobility through fiscal measures. In any case, the story for legal entities has been extremely favorable for several years. Thus, already in 2020, we wrote about the fact that the ownership of electric vehicles is ½ more expensive for companies than the ownership of comparable classic cars.

Electric cars are actually ½ cheaper than classic cars!

Of course, on the condition that the owner is a legal entity, that we compare the costs over a period of 5 years and that we put the car in a situation where they will drive 150,000 kilometers. Service and fuel costs will be charged. Of course, everything is apparent, but still comparable from the "data" we draw from our partners.

So, with this contribution, we will prove that an electric car is almost 60 percent cheaper for a company than a comparable conventional car over a period of 5 years. Of course, this math isn't 100 percent. However, it is still a good comparison that gives a rough feeling! In any case, it's up to you to verify this with your own calculator and, of course, your own ownership scenario. So mileage, financing, etc...

Up to 60% cheaper electric cars for companies compared to conventional ones? Is Slovenia going the way of Norway? (VAT deduction for electric cars)

We're comparing like-for-like - basic math

It is extremely difficult to compare electric cars and classic cars. However, in this article, we would like to show vehicles that are as similar as possible, in the same price range, with similar performances. At the same time, also of a comparable status class. And of course with a similar price starting point. Because we have two "status" comparable vehicles, which can be easily compared to each other. Both in terms of equipment and technical performance.

Let me emphasize that the electric "candidate" is also our choice and at the same time our first electric car.

We compare: Cupra Born 58 kWh vs. Audi A3 35 TFSI S line S tronic

For comparison, we took two typical representatives of the segment of family hatchbacks with a cropped rear - the "hatchback", namely the electric CUPRA Born and the Audi A3. The parameters are quite simple. Same class, comparable length. Around 150 kWh of power, radar cruise control and basic assistance systems, reversing camera, automatic (for petrol) and a purchase budget of around 40,000 euros. And in terms of basic and philosophy, a slightly more premium brand or positioned in the premium segment. A car with some equipment and also a "bit" of sports pedigree or appearance.

The Audi A3 with the 35 TFSI S line S tronic puts 110 kWh on the road via the front wheels and offers a full 40 kWh less than the Cupra Born. But the fact is that it weighs only 1315 kg, while the Cupra Born has a weight of 1811 kg. So a whole 500 kilograms more. But at the same time, the Cupra offers 54 horsepower more, so a total of 204. And, of course, more torque, which is typical for electric cars. The gasoline Audi accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds, while the Cupra Born reaches this milestone in 7.3 seconds. So relatively comparable.

Of course, many people will stumble over some detail. But for this paper, that is absolutely not important. It is important that these are two comparable vehicles, in the same segment with a different powertrain, but very similar equipment and price.

Video: How do you save 63 percent by owning an electric car?!

Table: Indicative comparison of ownership of an electric vehicle and a classic vehicle for legal entities, which is a simulation. The numbers are subject to change and depend on various factors. You can get more information in the video contribution that is part of this article!*


Audi A3 35 TFSI Cupra Born 
Cost 41,000 euros 41,000 euros
VAT – 0 euros 7.393 euros
Investment relief 40 % – 0 euros 2.550 euros
The cost of a full credit rating 14.716 euros 0 or 2,943 euros
Fuel cost (5 years / 150,000 km) 13.950 euros 5.615 euros
Service (5 years) 2.100 euros 625 euros
Registration (5x) 6.500 euros 6.500 euros
The remaining value of the vehicle after 5 years – 20.500 euros – 22.500 euros
Real cost after 5 years 57,765.00 euros 21,292.00 euros
Cost per month 962 euros / monthly 355 euros / monthly 

* The values are approximate and used only for the purpose of proving efficiency. We allow for the possibility of certain calculation errors. Check the results for yourself!

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