How do we love at 24, 32 or 40? Venus, Mars and Jupiter give us new opportunities for love every 8 years

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The eternal dance of Venus, Mars and Jupiter constantly gives us new opportunities for love! We discover the important periods in life when the Venus cycle opens up new opportunities for love, passion, deepening relationships and experiencing mature connection. Let's discover how we love at different ages.

Did you know that on this, how we love, every 8 years is influenced by the planets. Cyclic movements of Venus and Mars they mark special years of our lives in which love has more power and meaning than otherwise.

Venus symbolizes the ability to create a love relationship and everything that we find valuable and desirable. We will look for a reflection of our own value system in our partner. Venus also symbolizes sensitivity to beauty, the potential to develop creativity and artistic talents.

Every eight years it gives us the opportunity to reassess our sense of self-worth and the qualities, talents, qualities, behaviors and material values that we especially value in ourselves and others.

When thinking about past experiences, especially those that happened during the Venus return, i.e. from the 8th, 16th, 24th, 32nd, 40th, 48th years..., we have the opportunity to learn important answers.

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Venus is a wish, and Mars with its dynamic energy can make it come true. Mars is physical-instinctual energy and among other things symbolizes libido. Together, these two planets describe our amorous, passionate, instinctual nature of desire, sexuality, love feelings, as well as jealousy. Mars moves us, symbolizes the kind of energy with which we act, and Venus points the finger at the love goals we want to achieve.

Jupiter symbolizes the expansion of experience, gives deeper meaning to everything we do, the meaning of existence, and thus indicates the meaning we will give to love. With its energy, we strengthen self-confidence, knowledge about who we are, where we are going and what we want. Jupiter and Venus are traditionally considered to be planet of positive energy, the bringer of good luck, so they can bring good luck to our love life.

A tender and awkward heart: 16 years old

On the 15th birthday, a Mars return occurs. The energy of the body changes, it is a period of intense physical and emotional changes. Next is the second return of Venus on the 16th birthday. First loves, first kisses, strong emotions...

It is the age of first experiences that always leave a strong impression, be it in a positive or negative sense. The first experiences shape our attitude towards a love relationship: for someone it was a romantic and beautiful experience, but from the power of love everything else was born - learning, creating friendships, strengthening self-awareness.

Young love. Photo: Pexels / Pixabay

But there can also be rejections, disappointments, feelings of shame or guilt. Discouraging experiences may have put someone in a shelter from which it is not easy to get out.

Brave expansion of love: 24 years

The next important period is experienced on the 24th birthday. At that time the Sun, Venus and Jupiter are in their natal positions in the solar return horoscope. During this period, it is easier for us to fulfill our desires in love, or we can fall deeply in love. Perhaps a new love will heal the wounds of previous unsuccessful attempts, and the opportunity to check what exactly we want will help in choosing the right partner.

In this special year, optimism flourishes and strong feelings feed a heart that glows with happiness, with emotions of passion and purpose. This great love potential helps to develop on many levels, not only in love. If we achieve a successful relationship, our self-confidence will be strengthened and lead us to positive experiences through work, studies, relationships with other people.

However, despite this favorable energy, it is not a guarantee that a love relationship will be successful, but it is an opportunity to get rid of past hurts. Failure in love carries with it many messages and an opportunity to reflect and learn to strengthen our sense of self-worth. From self-confidence and self-love, we will be able to write a happier love story next time.

Fullness of love relationship: 32 years

On the 32nd birthday, Venus and Mars are again in play. With renewed courage and passion, it will trigger a new realization about what exactly we want in love. The heart remembers past experiences, but opens up to new love experiences with new strength. We know ourselves better, as well as the needs of our body, and in this passionate combination we are not afraid to surrender to all the challenges of a love relationship. With the energy of Mars, we are more experienced and mature in the field of sexuality.

Calmness. Photo: Orione Conceição / Pexels

This period will bring clarity of knowledge about the harmony or disharmony that exists in our lives, between expectations of love, passion and reality. All the past lessons about love and passion that have left a mark on our hearts can now be applied on a wiser, more mature level to have a better experience. During this period, any creativity, whether business or artistic, can flourish. But now it is wise to discard everything that we no longer do from the heart, every relationship, love, friendship or business.

Mature love: 40 years

On the 40th birthday, Venus returns to her birth position for the fifth time. This is the ripe age of love, in which the energy of the heart infuses everything we do with warmth and goodness. Intuition sharpens and helps us find exactly what we want. In love, this is another point where we better understand our love past and the current love moment.

Such a love story, or perhaps several of them, that we have experienced so far and everything that we have learned from these experiences, on this occasion we will accept more calmly, with more understanding, more love for ourselves. Each return of Venus is an opportunity for change, for forgiveness, healing of the heart, new love. Repeating the theme of love can enrich our life story, but only if we are satisfied with its outcome, if we do not repeat disappointments.

Love again: 47-48 years

These are two special birthdays, two special years of life and a unique situation in which, for the first time in a lifetime, the return of Venus, Mars and Jupiter to their natal positions coincides with the annual return of the Sun. This is an important period when we reevaluate our values and change the direction of development.

The midlife crisis, manifesting itself in various ways as we approach our fifties, is often debilitating. Maybe we don't even think about love anymore, or we've swallowed our disappointments and surrendered to fate. But Mars changes energy, strengthens desires, libido is still strong. But now we understand love in a different way. Love is directed towards the pursuit of wisdom.

Years play no role in love. Photo: Leonardo Aleixo Pires / Pexels

It contains patience and, in addition to the emotional dimension, it also has a strongly emphasized spiritual and social dimension. Meetings of the community and friends are a great opportunity to see a reflection of ourselves and enjoy it. But often just then there is a sudden awakening of passion, a new love that makes life sweet and exciting again. Let's surprise ourselves.

Share the feelings: 64 years

Another turning point in the heartbeat occurs on the 64th birthday. Again, in the solar horoscope, Venus and Mars return to their natal positions at the same time. Now we can remember everything that happened to us when we were 32 years old and what we felt then. The path we traveled in love then brought us to this point of change. Love wishes are different now, but we are far from giving up.

The energy of Mars will reawaken us to achieve balance. For some, balance in an existing relationship, for some, new love. It may not show itself in all the violence of the body and passion, but it will show itself in the strong emotions that we want to share. We want someone to understand us, we want to talk about what we feel, about our past love experiences and everything we learned from them.

Maybe someone will confide all the secrets of their heart to their diary or write a book. Perhaps all these feelings will flow into a sincere friendship or a relationship with grandchildren. There are many ways we can manifest the wisdom of our heart during this period and define what we still want in terms of love.

Blue Heart: 72 years

On the 72nd birthday, when the Sun returns to its natal position, Venus and Jupiter return. We experienced such an astrological event for the first time when we were 24 years old. This is the ninth return of Venus and the sixth return of Jupiter. Their energy brings a deep understanding and acceptance of everything we carry in our hearts.

Mature love. Photo: Gustavo Fring / Pexels

Now we can be truly grateful for all the good and bad we've experienced, grateful for both the good fortune and the lessons that weren't always easy. We will understand how much emotional wealth, love feelings, passion, mystery and beauty we have created so far with the power of our heart.

This is not a moment to regret the missed, but a moment to celebrate our blue heart. But since life is full of surprises, the opportunity for new love can open up for us! Remember, there are many types of love and it's never too late to give and take feelings!

The Venus cycle continues with 80, 88, 96…

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